"As you can see, I've begun construction of others like you, Guri. The droids I built before you were so primitive. I learned so much when building you. You are unique."
"And I shall remain unique."
―Simonelle and Guri[src]

Only One of Her Kind was a short narrative written by Peter M. Schweighofer, and was published in the Shadows of the Empire Sourcebook.

Plot summary[edit | edit source]

Guri, a Human replica droid in the employ of Black Sun leader Prince Xizor, returned to the workshop in which she was built. Simonelle, an Ingoian scientist and Guri's creator, greeted her. Guri proceeded to kill him, having been ordered to by Xizor in order to maintain Guri's status as the only Human replica droid of that quality. Unbeknown to both Xizor and Guri, Simonelle had replaced himself with a second Human replica droid, and used the conflict with Guri to fake his own death in order to go into hiding.

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