"We were sent to a planet on the verge of war. Every side had their own interests, their own reasons to want us gone. No matter what we did, we were only making things worse."
―Cere Junda[src]

Ontotho was a forested planet, whose inhabitants lived in various regions.


The planet Ontotho was a fog-shrouded world with forests and mesas. The tambic gas in the atmosphere caused a violet snow to fall, even in warmer regions; because of its low freezing point, this precipitation than turned to a fog which filled the valleys and city streets. While considered beautiful, the snow could be poisonous to Humans if too much was consumed.


Ancient pastEdit

Sometime in the ancient past, Ontotho was visited by the Zeffo, a species whose Force-sensitive members worshipped the Life Wind and built Temples to its study. The Zeffo built one such Temple on Ontotho, leaving in it a Tomb Guardian to defend its secrets.

Land rights disputeEdit

Long after the Zeffo had disappeared from Ontotho and their Temple was forgotten, the world became home to a people of Humanoid sentients. Forming local governments, these people kept their world isolated from the greater galaxy for some time, before ultimately electing to form a united planetary government and join the Galactic Republic. While the Ontothon's presented a united front and hoped to open trade opportunities by striking an agreement with the Daa Corporation, the Fylari people reject this contract based on the incursion on the land surrounding the ruins of the ancient Zeffo Temple. Before hostilities could erupt, the local Ontothon army asked for the Galactic Senate to intervene. While Republic officials were dispatched, a crisis in the Bunka system waylaid them, causing the Jedi High Council to offer to mediate a peaceful resolution to the dispute over land rights.[2]

Dispatching Jedi Master Eno Cordova and his Padawan Cere Junda to oversee the process, the High Council hoped that Cordova's interest in ancient cultures would prove useful on the mission. As the Jedi arrived in Ontotho City Spaceport to meet with Dylanto Daa of Daa Corporation, the delegation traveled to the Fylar region where the independent nation agreed to receive the mediators. As the Jedi traveled in an armored convoy through the Fylar Forest, they were besieged by armed combatants, separating Junda from her Master, whom she presumed dead in the attack.[2]

Junda awoke in a cell within the Fylari nation, where the Fylari leader Neralli explained that her people had rescued Junda from the wreckage of the ruined convoy and hoped to understand who had attacked the delegates. Providing a tour of the Fylari nation, Neralli explained that her people had long protected the ancient Temple at the heart of their land, despite not knowing who built it or what secrets were held within its sealed walls.[1]

Imperial excavationsEdit

Some time after its formation, the Galactic Empire sent its forces to pacify the planet, and they were mostly successful, unable to handle with resistance in one region. The Inquisitor known as the Second Sister was sent to investigate rumors of Jedi presence in the region.[2]

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