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"Imperial High Command decided that defender pilots would only be selected from TIE Interceptor pilots who had flown at least twenty combat missions and survived. We're either the best pilots in the Imperial fleet or the luckiest."
―Onyx Leader Rexler Brath[src]

Onyx Squadron was a starfighter squadron within the Imperial Navy. Like many Imperial Squadrons, it was named for something dark in color to emulate Darth Vader's famous Black Squadron.[3]


A member of Onyx Squadron piloting a TIE Aggressor through a storm

Around 1 ABY, flying TIE/sa bombers, Onyx Squadron participated in the Battle of Talus.[4] It also flew TIE/AG Aggressor starfighters at some point during the Galactic Civil War, being used during a mission involving a stormy planet.[5] It was also the first line unit in the Galactic Empire to be equipped with TIE/D Defenders for use in combat, they saw action during the Battle of Endor. At some point, the squadron, at Imperial High Command's orders, restricted its intake of pilots for the Defenders to only allow in TIE/IN Interceptor pilots who had flown and survived at least twenty combat missions.[2]

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An Onyx Squadron TIE Defender fires on a target.



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