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"Oh my. 'The crimes of the Jedi renegade Oo'ob the Apostate'! It's real, little boop! It's really real!"
―Korin, to Chelli Aphra[src]

Oo'ob, known as Oo'ob the Apostate, was a male Gigoran Jedi who existed before the Imperial Era. He utilized a unique lightsaber sniper rifle hybrid known as the Farkiller, created by fellow Jedi Var-Whill, to take out targets from a hundred kilometers away. However, he and Whill were declared apostates by the Jedi High Council for this and were both purged within a decade of the Corsair Wars. Professor Korin Aphra eventually uncovered evidence that Oo'ob existed, believing it would help him find the Fortress of Garn and the Ordu Aspectu.



"…in the aftermath of the Corsair Wars Jedi Master Oo'ob broke doctrine to pursue a pre-emptive approach to threats. In this he recruited noted crystallist Var-Whill to modify lightsaber tech for more…remote applications."
Teezee-Too, reading an extract of notes written by Korin Aphra[src]

A Gigoran male,[2] Oo'ob served as a Master in the Jedi Order prior to the rise of the Galactic Empire. In the wake of the Corsair Wars, he broke Jedi doctrine to pursue a pre-emptive approach to threats. He coaxed his fellow Jedi and noted crystallist Var-Whill to create the Farkiller, a unique hybrid of lightsaber and sniper rifle,[1] which Oo'ob used to take out targets from a hundred kilometers away.[2] In the words of Professor Korin Aphra, Oo'ob's work with that could be conjectured to have killed several hundred "emergent" despots. The Jedi High Council, however, felt that the Gigoran's methods lacked restraint. Within the decade, both Oo'ob and Var-Whill were declared apostate and purged.[1]


"Nobody even knows how it worked! Oo'ob could take out targets from a hundred klicks away. H-he was excommunicated for it!"
―Chelli Aphra, to Vulaada Klam, on Oo'ob and the Farkiller[src]

Sometime later, during the Imperial Era, Korin Aphra, the father of Chelli Aphra, obtained stolen memory crystals with evidence of Oo'ob's existence as well as his "crimes." Korin believed he could use this to find the Fortress of Garn and the Ordu Aspectu[2] and he recorded the story of Oo'ob in his "Notes on Jedi Heresies."[1] Twenty years later, Korin's daughter, Chelli Aphra, discovered the Farkiller when infiltrating a Slinani Migration Shrine and recalled Oo'ob's use of it. After stealing the Farkiller,[2] she was captured by the Alliance to Restore the Republic, who wished to use its technology to build their own weapon and assassinate the Emperor.[1]


"It's the Farkiller of Oo'ob the Apostate."
"The…what now?"
―Chelli Aphra and Vulaada Klam, on Oo'ob's Farkiller[src]

Oo'ob wore bindings which were ripped in several places and wrappings on his lower arms. He also had a translating vocoder over his mouth[2] in order to speak to individuals in different languages.[3] Oo'ob created and used the Farkiller, a sniper rifle which used lightsaber technology and could take out targets from a hundred kilometers.[2]

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Oo'ob first appeared through a hologram in a flashback in the canon comic Doctor Aphra 32: Unspeakable Rebel Superweapon, Part I, written by Si Spurrier, illustrated by Wilton Santos and Caspar Wijngaard,[2] and released on May 8 2019.[4]


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