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"Do you want a warning? Before I do it?"
"Not really."
"I will give you one anyway. Next work crew we are on together. I will kill you then."
―Musters warns Erso that she plans to kill her[3]

Oolin Musters, known as Kennel while imprisoned by the Galactic Empire despite identifying herself to others as Nail, was a Blutopian female member of the Alliance to Restore the Republic. By 0 BBY, Musters had been captured by the Empire and imprisoned in a labor camp on the planet Wobani where she shared a cell with the criminal Jyn Erso. Musters threatened to kill Erso, but never got the chance, as her cellmate was rescued by Rebel soldiers working for the Alliance to Restore the Republic.


"Who's going to keep you company?"
"I like a quiet cell."
"What if I kill you first?"
"Then I hope you like a quiet cell, Liana Hallik."
―Erso teases Musters about her threat to kill her[3]

Oolin Musters shared a cell with Jyn Erso on Wobani.

Oolin Musters was a Blutopian female member of the Alliance to Restore the Republic who was captured by the Galactic Empire[1] and imprisoned in a Imperial labor camp on the planet Wobani. While in the camp she identified herself to other prisoners as Nail, but instead earned the nickname Kennel, as she hosted various parasites within a filthy cloth jacket that she used to half cover her chest.[3]

The human criminal Jyn Erso was assigned as Musters' cellmate under the false name "Liana Hallik," and late one night[3] in 0 BBY,[4] when Erso woke Musters from sleep by sitting up in her bunk, the alien warned the human that on their next work assignment together she would kill her. The following day, the pair were randomly selected by the guards for the day's work shift and removed from their cell to be chained into a turbo-tank used by the camp as a prisoner transport. The alien did not make eye contact with any of the other three prisoners that were accompanying them, which Erso took to mean that Musters would have no allies in her attempt on her life.[3]

The turbo-tank carrying Musters and Erso was attacked by the Rebel Alliance.

Musters never had a chance to attempt to kill Erso however, as before the tank reached its destination it was attacked by a squad of Alliance Special forces troopers who were searching for Erso. The rebels quickly blew the door off the vehicle, shocking Musters, and killed the three stormtroopers guarding the prisoners. They then freed their target, who hit Rebel Sergeant Ruescott Melshi with a spade and promptly tried to escape from her saviors, fleeing past Musters as the alien stood up. Erso made it out of the tank before being stopped by the reprogrammed KX-series security droid K-2SO. Erso was then taken back to the Alliance's base on the moon Yavin 4.[3]

Musters was then able to escape from Imperial custody as well and made her way to Jedha City on the moon Jedha.[1] While in one of the city's streets she and other civilians had to stand aside to allow an Imperial patrol including a[2] "Occupier" combat assault tank[5] to pass by. As the patrol moved past Musters, it was attacked by members of the rebel leader Saw Gerrera's partisans, causing most civilians in the street to flee. Shortly after this attack, Jedha city was destroyed by the Empire's Death Star superweapon.[2]

Personality and traits[]

"Were you always like this? Before Wobani? Back to when you were a kid?"
"Me, too."
―Erso questions Musters about her personality[3]

Oolin Musters had leathery gray and brown skin and tentacles protruding from her pinched, worm-like faces. Musters moaned and wheezed while she slept, and while awake spoke with a voice that sounded like claws on a slate.[3]

When Erso woke late at night causing Musters to also wake, the alien told her cellmate to go back to sleep and then asked her if she wanted a warning before she was killed. Despite Erso claiming she did not want a warning, Musters informed her of her plans for murder anyway, claiming that she liked a quiet cell when Erso pointed out that the alien would miss her company. When Erso asked why, Musters claimed that she had always been the way she was while imprisoned, even as a child.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Shah walking around set in costume

Oolin Musters was first shown briefly in the second trailer revealed for the film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which was released on October 13, 2016 prior to the film's release in North America on December 16 later that year.[6] The character was portrayed by actor Kiran Shah,[7] who had previously portrayed the characters Teedo, Pru Sweevant and Infrablue Zedbeddy Coggins in the film Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens[8] and as an Ewok and a power droid in Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi.[9]

The character's name was also released prior to the film as part of an article titled "Star Wars: Meet the Creatures and Droids in Rogue One" published in a special issue of Entertainment Weekly released on December 9. In the article, creature-effects supervisor Neal Scanlan revealed that Musters' design was inspired by real-life sea creatures such as squid, and referred to the character as a "he."[7]Musters was originally designed to be a pedestrian in the streets of Jedha City. Her production nickname was "Blue Top."[10]



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