"What's going on?"
"The leader of the Sligo Pirate gang is going to race the Twi'lek!"
―Anakin Skywalker and Oollie[1]

Oollie was a Human female who resided on Coruscant. Sometime after 28 BBY, while Oollie was a teenager, she was familiar with swoop racing in the industrial sector of the Coruscant underworld. When Jedi Padawan Anakin Skywalker visited the underworld and discovered a race between the Sligo Pirate leader and a Twi'lek, Oollie—known to Skywalker as "Purple Hair"—taught him how the races worked. Oollie and Skywalker soon became friends, and she supported the Jedi when he acquired a swoop of his own and joined the races.

Skywalker quickly created a reputation for himself, winning races against gangs from all across the planet. One night, Oollie informed Skywalker that Drako, the leader of the Hawkbat Gang, wished to challenge him. Skywalker accepted Drako's offer but was nearly killed by the gang leader when the race began. After retiring from his racing career, Skywalker remembered Oollie in the time that followed.


Meeting Skywalker[]

"What happens now?"
"The winner will come out of the tunnel in a few minutes."
―Anakin Skywalker and Oollie[1]

Oollie and Anakin Skywalker meet.

Oollie was a Human female who resided on Coruscant,[1] the capital planet of the Galactic Republic.[2] When Oollie was a teenager, she was accustomed with the swoop races in the industrial sector of the Coruscant underworld,[1] and sometime after 28 BBY,[3] she encountered Anakin Skywalker, a Jedi Padawan who had left the Jedi Temple in search of excitement.[1]

When Skywalker saw a group of teenagers near a cargo tunnel, he asked what was happening, and Oollie excitedly informed him that the leader of the Sligo Pirate gang was going to challenge a Twi'lek racer. Since Skywalker was unfamiliar with swoop racing, Oollie explained that the winner of the race would emerge from the tunnel in a few minutes. When Skywalker asked about the loser of the race, Oollie merely shrugged her shoulders. There was an explosion immediately after, and the Twi'lek exited the tunnel victorious, while the Sligo Pirate leader limped out a moment later. The rest of the Sligo Pirates then left their former leader behind, and Oollie remarked that they would choose a new one. When dawn broke, Skywalker returned to the Jedi Temple, enthusiastic about his discovery.[1]

Friends with a racing champion[]

"Someone's looking for you."
"Oh. Who would that be?"
"Drako, the leader of the Hawk-bat gang."
―Oollie and Skywalker[1]

Oollie, with Skywalker and his swoop

Skywalker continued attending the competitions with Oollie, and she explained how the races worked. Before long, Skywalker acquired a swoop of his own and raced several nights, winning more events than he lost. Oollie supported her friend's endeavors, and soon everyone in the underworld heard of the Jedi racer, prompting gangs from all over the planet to watch him and occasionally challenge him to a race.[1]

One night, Oollie told Skywalker that someone was looking for him. When Skywalker asked who it was, Oollie told Skywalker that it was Drako, the leader of the Hawkbat Gang. Drako was one of the fastest racers on the planet, which rumors suggested was due to cheating. Oollie spotted Drako and his gang approaching, and Skywalker soon accepted the challenge. The race began an hour later near a power plant, where a large crowd of spectators had gathered. However, Drako rigged the contest, replacing the usual Gotal referee with one of his gang members. Once the race began, Drako attempted to kill Skywalker by destroying the boy's swoop with an ion blaster. Skywalker survived the incident because of his Jedi training, but he chose to retire from racing nevertheless.[1]

In 22 BBY,[4] shortly after an attempted assassination on Senator Padmé Amidala of Naboo, Skywalker remembered Oollie as he reminisced about his past ten years of adventures.[1]

Personality and traits[]

Oollie had light skin, dark eyes, and distinct purple hair, leading Anakin Skywalker to call her "Purple Hair." She exhibited an excited demeanor in regards to swoop racing, and she was instrumental in Skywalker's rise to swoop-racing fame.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Oollie was created for Anakin: Apprentice, a Star Wars Legends young-readers book written by Marc Cerasini, illustrated by Tommy Lee Edwards, and published in 2002.[1]


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