Ooorlak was a male Wookiee who lived on the planet Cularin, and he became one of Cularin's reigning arm-wrestling champions. In about 19 BBY, Ooorlak went to lunch on Cularin with two of his associates, the Rodian Renna and the Human Sal, and they shared a kaavo that had been prepared by the baker Val-Aruun. Soon, there was only one slice of kaavo left, so Sal proposed that they hold a trial of elocution to decide who got to eat the slice. The trio each told a story about a loved one who had passed away, and they planned to give the slice of kaavo to the person who told the best story. Ooorlak chose to talk about his kinsman Kirlocca, a Wookiee Jedi Master who had died two years earlier while defending the delegates of a conference that took place aboard the liner Luxury. Afterward, the trio could not decide which one of them had won the contest, and they decided to leave the slice of kaavo at the Wall of Remembrance in the Crosstown Bar.


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