This article is about the Ithorian female Oora. You may be looking for the female Chagrian Oora Gellandi.

Oora was a female Ithorian and mother of Pypey. Three years before the Battle of Yavin, The Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister Inquisitors were tasked with hunting down Force-sensitive children. The pair made their way to Oora's home, as the Ithorian's baby, Pypey, was Force-sensitive. Thanks to some quick thinking, Oora sent Pypey away with a family droid, and the Ghost crew later saved the child from the Empire.

Prior to being rescued by members of the rebel Phoenix Cell, Oora lived with her son in the Hammertown district of Takobo City - the capital of the planet Takobo.

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The house that Oora and Pypey live in features a cloth with the same repeating pattern that is sewn or printed on the material that Alora is swaddled in. These symbols bear a striking resemblance to the patterns embroidered on pieces of regional costumes and various other traditional items in the countries of Poland, Belarus, and Ukraine - showing that the Slavic nations were a key inspiration for this design.



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