This article is about the Chagrian Female Oora Gellandi. You may be looking for the Ithorian female Oora.

Oora Gellandi was a young, female Chagrian who lived on the planet Cularin, during the final years of the Galactic Republic. Her lethorns were covered with inlaid rings of various metals and stones, accenting her blue skin.

At the age of sixteen, she joined the small gang, led by Naja Delan, based on their desire to start a sect of the Jedi Order. She believed that the Jedi were better than other beings because of their connection to the Force, although there are no records indicating she herself was Force-sensitive.

The group found itself in trouble, just after the onset of the Clone Wars, when Delan stumbled upon the plot to assassinate Gavid Lermyn.



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