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"Welcome to I'vorcia Prime, Han Solo. My name is Ooris. I'm Dr. Genzhor's assistant."

Ooris was the humanoid assistant of Doctor Genzhor, a sarlacc expert, while he worked on the planet I'vorcia Prime during the Imperial Era. However, Ooris betrayed the doctor, resulting in Genzhor's death. After the smugglers Han Solo and Chewbacca arrived on the planet, sent by their employer, Dok-Ondar, to collect several sarlaccs from Genzhor, Ooris greeted them and took them to the doctor's research outpost.

Soon, Ooris turned on the smugglers too, hoping to use their ship, the Millennium Falcon, to escape the planet and become wealthy off the frozen spores that the assistant had stolen from the doctor. However, Ooris's plan failed, as Chewbacca stopped the thief from stealing the freighter and used Ooris as bait to catch an infant sarlacc.


"I hope you die better than Dr. Genzhor did, Solo."

Ooris was the assistant of Doctor Genzhor, the galaxy's leading expert on sarlaccs, while he researched a group of the creatures—two adolescents and two infants—at a research outpost on the Outer Rim planet I'vorcia Prime. Sometime during the Imperial Era, Ooris betrayed the doctor, resulting in Genzhor's death. When the smugglers Han Solo and Chewbacca the Wookiee later arrived on the planet on a job from the Ithorian collector Dok-Ondar, having been sent to obtain sarlaccs from Genzhor, Ooris greeted the duo and brought them to Genzhor's outpost. The assistant explained to them along the way that the visible damage to the local ecosystem was the result of the Battle of I'vorcia Prime and that the area was now a preserve used by Imperial officers as a hunting ground.[1]

Ooris is used as bait in order to capture an infant sarlacc.

Upon reaching the edge of the pit where the outpost was located, Ooris and several Dowutins working at the outpost betrayed the smugglers by pushing Solo into the pit. The assistant then revealed a plan to use the smugglers' freighter, the Millennium Falcon, and the codes that Dok-Ondar had given them to escape the planet's quarantine blockade with frozen sarlacc spores that Ooris had stolen from the base, hoping to sell them and gain immense wealth. However, the smugglers foiled Ooris's plan, with Chewbacca finding the thief aboard the Millennium Falcon. The Wookiee hung Ooris from the underbelly of the ship as bait to catch an infant sarlacc, which soon consumed the assistant as Chewbacca rescued Solo from the edge of a cliff.[1]

During the First Order occupation of the planet Batuu, Dok-Ondar recounted the events on I'vorcia Prime, including Ooris's treachery and demise, to the Kendoh Gang as it attempted to broker a deal with the shopkeeper.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"My apologies for the rude welcome, Mr. Solo. I am actually a big admirer."

Ooris lures Han Solo into a trap.

Ooris was willing to betray an employer and murder Han Solo and Chewbacca in order to gain wealth, showing no remorse for such actions. Ooris also claimed to admire Solo, although the assistant incorrectly stated that Solo's famous Kessel Run was completed in fourteen parsecs instead of twelve. The criminal was capable of putting on a polite facade upon meeting the smugglers, causing them to be lured unsuspectingly into Ooris's trap.[1]

The thief also showed no signs of mourning when the Dowutin co-conspirators met their demise at the hands of the smugglers. Ooris was even relieved at having to split less of the reward when one of the Dowutins was killed. Upon boarding the Millennium Falcon, Ooris was unfamiliar with the ship's controls.[1]

Ooris was a bipedal humanoid who had green skin, blue hair worn slicked back, and black eyes.[1]


While on I'vorcia Prime, Ooris wore a brown, long-sleeved shirt with a hood, with a gray strap that wrapped behind the right shoulder and across the chest; tan straps around the wrists, green pants with gray knee pads, and tan boots.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Ooris appeared in a flashback scene in the comic book Galaxy's Edge 1, which was written by Ethan Sacks, illustrated by Will Sliney,[1] and published by Marvel Comics on April 24, 2019.[2]


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