The Ootmian Pabol (Outlanders' Route in Basic[3]), a corruption of the formally named Ootmian Pankapolla, was a major hyperspace route that led into Hutt Space connecting it to commerce powers of the Expansion Region. Planets along the route included New Apsolon, Coachelle Prime, Ota, Randon, Ubrikkia, Kwenn, Keldooine, Nar Bo Sholla,[4] Irith, Du Hutta, and finally Nal Hutta at its terminus.[5]


In 12,000 BBY Gyndine scouts connected Hutt Space with the Galactic Republic and Nal Hutta became a thriving boomworld.

Circa 4000 BBY, the star of the Kyyr system went supernova, decimating the route in that region. In its place laid the Thornhedge Nebula, and at the center, the Thornhedge Pulsar.[6]

The route was eventually pieced back together, however it lost its importance to other routes in that time and Nal Hutta declined.



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