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"Big gooberfish! Huge-o teeth!"
―Jar Jar Binks[src]

Opee sea killers, known to Gungans as Gooberfish, were creatures found in the oceans of the planets Naboo[2] and Strokill Prime.[4] They contained evolutionary traits from multiple other animals, and had strong armor, jaws with double rows of teeth and purple prehensile tongues which they used to quickly devour small prey, or use to capture large prey and pull in to their jaws.[1] They moved by taking in water through their large mouth and expelling it through small vents on its back. It would close the distance on its prey and use its long gooey purple tongue to pull it into its mouth.[5]

Biology and Appearance[]

Opee sea killers were crustaceans that measured 20 meters in length[6] and had reddish orange skin and yellow eyes. [2]They had armor, limbs, and jaws with double rows of teeth. They had long purple tongues that were prehensile and gooey. [1]They moved through the water using jet propulsion; they sucked water in through their mouths and squirted it out from small vents at the rear of their bodies. Opee sea killers laid eggs.[7]


Opee sea killers lurked inside caves in Naboo's ocean depths.[6] Opee sea killers were carnivores that ate scalefish.[7] They lied in wait and clung motionless to rocky crags.[1] They used an antennae to lure prey[7] and then used their gooey purple prehensile tongue to capture prey and drag it into its mouth.[1] Opee sea killers were aggressive and persistent, and they weren't afraid of larger predators.[6] Males carried its mate's eggs in its mouth for around three months. It could not eat until the young are born.[7] They were eaten by sando aqua monsters, which used their snapping jaws to bite through the opee sea killer's armor.[6]


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