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"Oh. I'm sorry to hear that."
"I'm sure you'll get it back soon enough."
―Kazuda Xiono and Synara San, to Opeepit, on the loss of his floor sweeper[4]

Opeepit was a Frigosian male who lived on the Colossus refueling station during the era of the New Republic. He was the station's sole janitor.


Calm before the storm[]

Opeepit was the janitor of the Colossus platform. When Kazuda Xiono first visited the Office of Acquisitions, he went past the Frigosian while he cleaned the floor.[5] When Xiono was running to stop Jace Rucklin from racing, he was blocked by Opeepit and a number of droids that were working in the corridor.[1] Later, Opeepit was carrying a trash bin around the Colossus marketplace while Tamara Ryvora and Synara San conversed nearby. After eating their meilooruns, they put the rinds in the bin, which Opeepit then inspected. At one point, Opeepit was in the marketplace discarding contents of a trash bin into a dumpster while Neeku Vozo and Jarek Yeager were nearby, purchasing a gorg from Bolza Grool's gorg stand.[6] Also in the marketplace, during a race between the members of Ace Squadron, Opeepit was sweeping behind the watchful fans.[7] Later, pirates attacked the Colossus. Opeepit chased a Hassk pirate around with his floor sweeper.[8] When Xiono, under order of Poe Dameron, was investigating a potential link between Captain Doza and the First Order, he passed Opeepit, who was sweeping the hallway.[9]. Another time, Tamara Ryvora passed Opeepit, who was cleaning the docking pad, when she was searching for Neeku. Neeku had taken in what he thought was a stray baby rokkna, whom he named Bibo, but the Colossus soon came under attack by Bibo's mother who, unlike her child, was enormous. Opeepit was cleaning the marketplace when the attack began, prompting him to flee inside with everyone else.[10]

Sweeper stolen[]

Opeepit and his sonic mop

Opeepit cleaning the floor

Following the First Order's rescue of Torra from the Warbird gang, First Order stormtroopers occupied the Colossus. Opeepit was talking to the Gotal Rolt in the marketplace when three stormtroopers harassed the Rodian Glem. He was later cleaning the hallway floors when two stormtroopers approached him and asked how long he had worked on the Colossus. Opeepit, struggling to remember, replied in his native language, but the stormtroopers said they needed to take the sweeper. Opeepit resisted and attempted to pull it back, but one of the stormtroopers used their larger stature to intimidate him into stepping away. They walked off and Opeepit yelled at them, shaking his mechanical utility arm in protest, but he quickly lowered his head with a vocal dismay. Later that day, Xiono and San almost ran into him while exiting a turbolift, which he responded to in verbal agitation. The two quickly apologized, and Opeepit made it clear he was just in a bad mood. Upon Xiono asking what was wrong, he complained about the confiscation. Xiono and San expressed their sympathy, but Opeepit just muttered to himself as he left the lift.[4]

Without his floor sweeper, Opeepit was forced to clean the floors with a brush. While scrubbing at a hall intersection, a stormtrooper, who was actually the Resistance spy Kazuda Xiono in disguise, walked into the puddle and he told him to go around. As the trooper left, he annoyingly stated that Opeepit would clean the floors faster with a floor sweeper, which left him muttering sarcastically to himself. That evening, he was carrying a basket of fruit when the same stormtrooper pushed past him, knocking the fruit out of his hands. Enraged, Opeepit kicked one of the fruit aside as two stormtroopers passed him.[11] Later, Opeepit was scrubbing the floors in the marketplace when the Colossus began sinking. Large doors sealed off the outside to prevent internal flooding, but not before some of the sea water poured into where Opeepit was cleaning.[12]

Personality and traits[]

Opeepit was a male Frigosian with yellow hair and cybernetic hands.[5]


Opeepit wore a breathing mask and heavy black goggles to protect him from Castilon's atmosphere and light.[5][13] He used a floor sweeper.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

Opeepit was a character developed for the Star Wars Resistance animated series. He first appeared in the Season One premiere, "The Recruit,"[5] but was not identified until after his appearance in "Fuel for the Fire,"[1] in Bucket's List.[2]



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