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Agony of Tarkin performance

A performance of The Agony of Tarkin, a Coruscanti opera

"Yes, it's amazing how those performers can sing for five hours straight. They must train their voices for years before they can carry out such a feat of musical daring."
Wendell Wright-Sims, scrutinizing The Kallea Cycle[src]

An opera was a theatrical work set to music and made up of vocal pieces with orchestral accompaniment. It was a form of music popular amongst socialites and was considered mind-improving,[1] while commoners often found it annoying.[2] Casino owner Jacc Mandelbrot was known to enjoy singing long stretches of opera in a deep, booming voice,[3] and the Sith Lord and Galactic Emperor Palpatine himself was an opera lover.[4]

Famous operas included The Brief Reign of Future Wraiths[5] and The Agony of Tarkin.[6] Many cultures throughout the galaxy produced their own brand of opera, from the Corellian Humans[5] to the pig-like Gamorreans[2] and the amphibious Mon Calamari.[1]

The term was also used as a metonymy to designate houses in which such dramas were performed, such as the Coruscant Opera[5] or the Jediboh Opera.[7]


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Galaxies Opera House

The Opera House on Coruscant



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