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"Who is this? What's your operating number?"
Ensign Toos, to Han Solo[1]

An operating number,[1] also referred to as an Imperial code name,[2] a call number,[3] or as a TK number, was the alphanumeric code by which personnel of the Galactic Empire, including stormtroopers[1] and officers, were identified. The operating numbers of officers consisted of three letters followed by two numerals, like LRC-01,[4] or three letters and three numerals, like ISB-021.[2] Those of stormtroopers consisted of two letters followed by three[5] or four numerals,[6] as exemplified by LS-005,[4] TK-626, MB-223,[5] TK-421,[1] and TK-5331.[6] Generally speaking, a low number was an indicator of high rank.[2]

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