"My initial recommendation: Cancel the invasion of Zeltros and try a world that's less populated. Perhaps even unpopulated."
Ensign Phoebe[src]

Operation: Glorious Destiny was the failed plot of the Hiromi Empire to conquer part of the galaxy through inciting war among the members of the Alliance of Free Planets. Overall, it failed miserably, though they did come close to inciting war between member worlds Endor and Lahsbane and assassinating the Alliance's leaders by means of a bomb. Only a series of freak coincidences foiled First Officer Hirog's attempts.

Their invasion of Zeltros was likewise foiled by an unforeseen coincidence; two other simultaneous invasions, by the Nagai and the Tofs. Ultimately though, Operation: Glorious Destiny produced peace for the Hiromi Empire, after they signed a peace treaty with the Alliance and gained full membership.



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