Operation 45RA was a plan conceived by Braig Farool to discredit the Rebel Alliance in the eyes of the galactic population, while at the same time gaining control of the Rayter sector and the loyalty of the Shashay.


Ever since the Shashay became widely known in the galaxy, they were able to hide the location of their homeworld, Crytal Nest. During the Galactic Civil War, Shashay astrogators memorized the coordinates and entered them manually, whenever they brought a ship to their world. Between the Battle of Yavin and the Battle of Hoth, Rebels contacted the Shashay to establish a secret base on their homeworld, where it would be hidden from the Imperial Survey Corps. While the Shashay were sympathetic towards the Rebels, they refused at first.[1]

Braig Farool, planetary governor of Narg and head of TransGalMeg Industries, Incorporated in the Rayter sector, learned two facts: that the Rebels had approached the Shashay about establishing a base on their homeworld, and that the Rebels had a spy in the entourage of the famous Shashay entertainer Crying Dawn Singer.[1]

The operationEdit

Farool enlisted the help of his brother and aide to Moff Nile Owen, Nak Farool, and the pirate Yearo Seville. He had planned to have Seville abduct Crying Dawn Singer and blame the Rebels, thus destroying any possibilities of cooperation between the two factions. Nak Farool approached Moff Nile Owen with the plan and let him play the hero and "rescue" Crying Dawn Singer to gain the loyalty of the Shashay for the Empire. However, the Farool brothers planed to discredit him on the way and force him to resign, so they could take over the sector themselves.[1]

Seville and his pirate gang ambushed Crying Dawn Singer at the Sector Performing Arts Center and abducted him and his entourage to Najarka. After discovering the Rebel spy in the entourage, the protocol droid KL-6TLF7V/T, he tortured the rest to death and left with Singer. The droid was left for Moff Owen to pick up. However, Seville didn't bring Singer to Moff Owen, but directly to Braig Farool, as the first step to discredit the Moff.[1]

As soon as the Rebels learned of the abduction, Zeke Rondel, operating from Berrol's Donn in the neighboring Kriz sector, sent out a group of agents with the Worthless Fool.

The Rebels discovered the abandoned droid on Najarka, but clashed with the arriving Imperials during their escape. The Rebels also picked up a broadcast message by Seville to the galaxy, where he claimed to be a Rebel and demanded control of the Shashay homeworld be handed over to the Rebellion. The Shashay were enraged by the apparent betrayal of the Rebels, and several of their astrogators took Rebels ships hostage until Crying Dawn Singer would be released.[1]

The Rebels followed the broadcast message to the communication node in the Laim system, where they discovered the truth behind the plan and several additional faked messages, ready to be broadcast. Their next move was to rescue Crying Dawn Singer, who had been brought to Braig Farool on Narg.[1]

After losing the droid to the Rebels at Najarka, Owen discovered the faked messages and the plan to discredit him. Furious, he executed Nak Farool on the spot and set out to deal with Braig Farool.[1]

The Rebels managed to infiltrate Narg and the local TransGalMeg headquarters, rescued Crying Dawn Singer and defeated Braig Farool in the process. Before the Rebels could escape, Moff Owen made a last try to capture the Shashay, but the Rebels escaped.[1]



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