Operation Death-Hunter was a secret project developed by Moff Jesco Comark to create a better bounty hunter. Moff Comark was frustrated with the unreliability of the bounty hunters used by the Empire and their reliance on the Bounty Hunters' Guild and resolved to form soldiers that could act in the same capacity but with absolute loyalty. In this capacity, individuals were modified with elaborate cybernetics and made into cyborgs with completely loyalty to the Galactic Empire. The project had its headquarters in the Wastes.

The first phase of the project was to kidnap Humans from the ages of 15 to 25. This template was followed to ensure that the individuals would survive the transformation into a Death-Hunter Cyborg. The Humans used for the project were taken from the planet Bescane, a heavily-populated world that would be unlikely to follow-up on the disappearance of the individuals taken for the project. These individuals were then brought to an underwater base on Zeta Zero Nine. There they underwent extensive and painful testing by medical droids and medical technicians to prepare them for the addition of cybernetic enhancements.

The last phase of the project was creating specialized craft for these newly transformed cyborgs. Comark put an order into the Jaemus shipyards for modified Tech 4 Plexus Droid Vessel designed to carry a single individual. These craft would allow the modified cyborgs to be deployed discretely so that they could track down targets without drawing undue attention. However, only a few Death Hunter cyborgs were created before the project was sabotaged by Rebel agents led by Moff Comark's daughter, Lady Amber Comark. The Rebels infiltrated the underwater base, freeing the prisoners. They then fled the facility, but not before firing concussion missiles into the structure, causing the base to explode.

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