Operation Durge's Lance was a major Separatist offensive launched in 21 BBY, at the height of the Clone Wars. Under the command of General Grievous, and armed with new and precise maps of the Core's hyperroutes, the goal was to prepare for the Separatist invasion of the Core Worlds. During the offensive, the First Fleet of the Confederate Navy was launched from Yag'Dhul and the Third Fleet had been based at Thyferra.


The Separatist conquest of Duro, led by General Grievous.

Several weeks into the Offensive, at 0221 local time, the Battle of Duro began and resulted in a quick and overwhelming victory for the Confederacy, which was used much in CIS propaganda. At some point, the Separatist advance ground to a halt, and the Republic began the Outer Rim Sieges in a massive counterattack.



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