Operation Earplug was the codename used for the Rebel military operation designed to end the potential threat of the Teezl creature, meant for Imperial communications and coordination.

History[edit | edit source]

First part of the operation concerned the procurement of four black-market TIE Fighters, which would be modified into Hyperspace-capable starfighters and used by the Flying Bantha Squadron in subsequent missions. As part of their test-run, the squadron's TIE fighters were used in an attack on Spindrift Station, an Imperial outpost said to hold the route coordinates for the massive fleet transporting the Teezl.

With the coordinates secured, the entrance codes to the armada were next. These would be secured in an ambush on a TIE patrol, near the Imperial fleet's flight-path. The stage was now set for the infiltration and subsequent Battle of the secret armada, a battle which saw the Teezl destroyed and one of the Alliance's best pilots, Shira Brie, seemingly killed.

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