Operation Strike Fear, also referred to as NFOp-TbM-11891: Operation Strike Fear, was a code name for a major offensive initiated by the Galactic Empire in response to their loss at the Battle of Turkana. It had been led and brainstormed by then-Captain Firmus Piett, who also suggested that Captain Xamuel Lennox be removed from command of the Pakuuni sector's naval operations as a result of Turkana.

Its primary objective was to suppress Rebel opposition in the Tion Hegemony and spread fear of the Emperor's power. Its secondary purpose also could have been to keep the Rebellion occupied while the Empire secretly completed the Death Star. The campaign was led by the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Invincible.

The Rebel Alliance learned about the operation when Captain Nogdra, of the Imperial Corvette Bixby, defected from the Empire. Alarmed by this information, Rebel Fleet Command sent a newly-updated R-22 Spearhead interceptorpiloted by Keyan Farlander—on a reconnaissance mission to the sector, during which he discovered an Imperial Naval fleet mustering in the Dellalt system.


Due to heavy Rebel presence in the Tion Hegemony, Operation Strike Fear began as a suppressive Imperial initiative in the Dellalt system. It then spread throughout the entire sector after its first goal had been accomplished—destroying the Rebel base on Brigia. Knowing that the Empire's first target was the Brigian base, Alliance High Command ordered its evacuation. Despite severe losses, most of the Rebels stationed there escaped.

Following the evacuation, Rebel Alliance starfighter pilot, Keyan Farlander, captured the Juno supply freighter group heading for the Invincible, thus disrupting Operation Strike Fear for several weeks. When Strike Fear continued, its next targets included Rudrig and Orion IV, which were both secured by the Empire.


The securing of Orion IV

Sullustans enter the RebellionEdit

Up to this point of success Imperial Naval Command prepared new special objectives for the assault on rebellious strongholds and systems for the ongoing Operation Strike Fear. The next move was on Sullust wherein Sullustan resistance leaders had vanquished SoroSuub, a pro-Imperial puppet government. It was decided to abduct and 'recondition' the rebellious new government prior to the accomplishment of a full military action. As the rebels were forced to disband from the Tion Hegemony Sector and a Imperial garrison force had to be established at secured worlds, a new reduced and low profile battle group was specifically formed for the mission under the Command Flagship Invincible, which quickly restarted operations on Sullustan Space. Once Sullustan leaders and technical staff were kidnapped, its evacuation was prepared using several transports departing from Sullust to the Nebulon-B frigates Warspite and Negra Star, which were to transport them to Coruscant for the interrogation, torture, reconditioning and servitude to the Empire.

The Alliance High Command after discovering the Imperial plan, hoping to persuade the Sullustans to join the Alliance and noticing that the abduction would be a prelude to a full scale invasion, quickly decided to prepare a desperate rescue operation. As it was concerned that if they used too many ships, the Imperials would prefer to kill the prisoners, they prepared a commando team aided by a single Y-wing, flown by Keyan Farlander, who identified which of the transports were carrying the Sullustans and disabled them. Farlander then fought several waves of TIE fighters launched from the nearby frigates while Rebel transports rescued the prisoners.

After the rescue the Sullustans leaders were convinced to enter diplomatic negotiations to discuss joining the Rebel Alliance. The two sides held a meeting near Sullust which was interrupted by the arrival of the Invincible. Hamo Blastwell and Keyan Farlander, flying R-22 Spearheads, held off the Imperial fighters until the meeting was concluded and all ships fled into hyperspace. The Invincible's attack, however, turned out to be merely a diversion. While the meeting was taking place, stormtroopers kidnapped the Sullustan leader Sian Tevv. Farlander and Blastwell were called into action again to disable the Lambda-class T-4a shuttle that bore him to the Invincible and hold off Imperial fighters until a Rebel shuttle conducted a boarding operation and escaped into hyperspace.

The Alliance Strikes BackEdit

Cmdr Crix Madine

Commander Madine considered defecting to the Alliance.

Imperial officer Crix Madine was sympathetic to the Alliance, and with the rescued Sullustan technical staff, they devised a plan to halt the Imperial operation by destroying the Invincible. It involved the abduction of Cygnus Spaceworks technical staff, coupled with the capture of a powerful warhead. Intelligence reports indicated that Cygnus was conducting tests on a new spacecraft, the Alpha-class Xg-1 Star Wing, and the Rebels planned to capture the technicians during the test. Keyan Farlander and Sunnar Jan-lo flew R-22s to identify the transport carrying the technicians and then fought off Imperial fighters while the transport Lightning conducted a boarding operation. Farlander then destroyed the test facility before leaving.

The Rebels soon learned about a new warhead being transferred from Celanon to a deep space transfer zone by the BFF-1 bulk freighter Gafra and planned to attack it at its destination. An initial Rebel attack left the Gafra damaged and stranded before withdrawing. However, the freighter was still protected by a field of mines around it. Keyan Farlander in a Y-wing cleared them out and disabled the freighter. When that was done, the shuttle Herald came and boarded the freighter. Imperial transports came and attempted to destroy the freighter before it could fall into enemy hands, but Farlander was able to drive them off.


Rebel agents deliver the trapped cargo to the Invincible

With a Lambda-class shuttle, modified by the captive Cygnus staff to appear as an Imperial vessel, Rebel agents disguised as suppliers delivering cargo were able to plant the warhead aboard Invincible and destroy it from the inside, thereby putting an end to Operation Strike Fear.

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The following Capital ships led or took part in the campaign:



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