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The operation on Hissrich was launched by the Confederacy of Independent Systems on Hissrich early in the Clone Wars. However, learning of the Separatist presence on planet, the Jedi Order launched the Mission to Hissrich by sending a squad of Jedi led by Jedi Master Mace Windu to determine what the Separatists' purpose for being on the planet was, leading to the successful liberation of Hissrich.


Following the First Battle of Geonosis, the newly formed Confederacy of Independent Systems continued to grow and extended their reach into the Outer Rim Territories. The Confederacy's hope was to establish several footholds in order to move towards Coruscant. The Galactic Republic and Jedi Council learned about the Confederacy's plans to use Hissrich as one of their footholds. Thus, the Council decided to send Jedi Master Mace Windu and a small unit to reconnoiter Hissrich in order ascertain the Confederacy's plans for that world.[3]

The Republic and Jedi Council was unable to give Master Windu a clone trooper squadron as support due to forces being stretched. Despite that setback, Windu was able to form a squad of his fellow Jedi which included Masters Kit Fisto, Prosset Dibs, and Jedi Knight Rissa Mano. Windu and squad left Coruscant aboard the T-6 shuttle Westwind.[3]

During this time, the Confederacy's Droid Army's Supreme Commander, General Grievous met with droid bounty hunter AD-W4. Grievous hired him to take charge of the Confederacy's "harvesting" mission on Hissrich and to eliminate Republic or Jedi interference. AD-W4 agreed to the Confederacy's price, took command of the droid unit and outpost on Hissrich.[7]

The Jedi mission[]

The Westwind was able to land on Hissrich without alerting the Droid Army contingent on the planet. However, a droid patrol with a Octuptarra droid came across the Jedi and attacked them. As Windu, Fisto and Dibs fought the ground troops, Dibs was able to take out the Octuptarra droid. After the skirmish, Windu and his squad were surrounded by Hissrich's natives.[3]

AD-W4 was informed of the Jedi's arrival.[3] Windu and his squad were taken to the native's dwelling in the caves. AD-W4 escorted his forces when they started to harvest the trees. As AD-W4's forces harvested, the Jedi protected the natives from the battle droids and droidekas. Windu fought AD-W4 while the rest of the squad continued to fight the droids until AD-W4 and the battle droids retreated. The Jedi saw that the Confederacy's Harvesters were harvesting plants because they generated enormous power. Windu and Mano continued to fight the Octuptarra droids and the harvesters while Fisto and Dibs protected the natives. More harvesters and battle droids arrived to carry on the mission.[4]

Windu and Mano continued their attack on the harvesters and battle droids. Fisto and Dibs were trapped after a cave in at the native's dwelling and came under attack by a Milodon. AD-W4 contacted Grievous and informed of his mission's success and apparent "victory" in eliminating Windu and his fellow Jedi. Grievous agreed to pay him extra only if given Windu's and his fellow Jedi lightsabers. Windu and Mano evaded droids that were searching for them.[7]

Mano and Windu fight battle droids during the mission.

Fisto and Dibs were able to defeat the milodon, but discovered that the natives had been killed during the battle. These losses disturbed Dibs, despite Fisto telling him that they did all they could for them. As AD-W4's forces continue their mission, the Jedi met up at the Westwind. There, Dibs accused Windu and the Council of lying to them about their mission beyond dealing with the Separatists, claiming that Windu was no better than the Separatists. Thus, Dibs challenged Windu to a duel.[7]

Windu fought Dibs, despite objections from Fisto and Mano. Windu was able to defeat Dibs and take his lightsaber away from him. Windu decided to take him to the Council in order to decide his fate. Dibs was locked up on the Westwind while Windu, Fisto, and Mano continued on with the mission. Fisto attacked the outpost[8] and took on the battle droids. Windu and Mano were able to infiltrate the outpost. At the outpost's command center, Windu fought AD-W4 while Mano sabotaged the supply ship loaded with plants. She then assisted Fisto in finishing off the remaining battle droids. During his fight with AD-W4, Windu was able knock the bounty hunter down. The two combatants watched as the supply ship leave before it exploded. AD-W4 jettisoned and destroyed himself.[6]


Despite the casualties, the Republic sent troops to deal with the remaining Confederate forces and to aid the natives in replanting and reconstruction. The Jedi Council also took samples of Hissrich's flora to study its energy properties, while Windu and his squad returned to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. There, Dibs was brought before the Jedi Council, where he was charged with insubordination and treason. Despite Dibs himself calling for death, Windu convinced him to be assigned to work in the Temple's library.[6]



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