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"Operation supernova is a go."
―Meetra Surik[2]

Operation supernova was Jedi Knight Meetra Surik's term for the skirmish that took place in a cave outside of Kaas City on the planet Dromund Kaas during the year 3950 BBY. After discovering that Jedi Master Revan had been taken captive by a member of the Sith species, Surik traveled to Dromund Kaas to rescue him. Surik then met with a Sith called Sechel, who was also Dark Councilor Darth Nyriss' advisor. She learned the person she was looking for was a Sith Lord and paid Sechel four thousand credits to set up a meeting with the Sith. Sechel told Scourge—the Sith that captured Revan—that a woman was looking for him, and Scourge had him set up the meeting and told him to have Murtog, Darth Nyriss' security chief, and his crew meet him there. Sechel later informed Surik of the Sith's identity, Scourge, and told her to meet him at a cave outside of Kaas City. There, she was ambushed by Murtog and three other soldiers, and was forced to kill them. Shortly after the skirmish, Lord Scourge agreed to help Surik rescue Revan in exchange for the Jedi helping to assassinate the Sith Emperor.


"We'll give them every chance to surrender. But be ready for this to get ugly. Hopefully it won't come to that. Maybe Lord Scourge is curious enough about why I'm here to hear me out before he tries anything."
―Meetra Surik to T3-M4[2]

In 3950 BBY,[3] Jedi Knight Meetra Surik and T3-M4, Jedi Master [Revan/Legends|Revan's]] companion, traveled to Dromund Kaas, the capital of the Sith Empire, to rescue Revan after discovering he had been taken captive by a Sith on the Outer Rim planet Nathema. Surik arrived at Kaas City's spaceport and met with a local merchant named Larvit to exchange some diamonds for information, a meeting with a Sith called Sechel—who was also Dark Councilor Darth Nyriss' advisor—and over twelve thousand Imperial credits. Surik later met with Sechel in the Nexus Room cantina, and she showed him the holoimage of the Sith that was recorded by T3, who had been present with Revan on Nathema and had recorded Revan's capture. Surik learned the person she was after was a Sith Lord and paid Sechel four thousand credits to set up a meeting between them. Sechel told Scourge—the Sith that captured Revan on Nathema—that Surik had a holoimage of him and was looking for him; Scourge ordered Sechel to set up a meeting and to have Darth Nyriss' security chief, Murtog, and his crew meet him there. Sechel later informed Surik of the Sith's identity, Scourge, and instructed her to meet him at a cave outside of Kaas City. She received several premonitions of a trap before she arrived at the cave.[2]

The skirmish[]

"Is anyone here? Hello? Is anyone here?"
"Don't move! We have you surrounded."
"Lord Scourge? Is that you? I only want to talk."
"Lie flat on the ground and put your hands behind your head. If not, we open fire."
"Now, Tee-Three!"
―Meetra Surik and a soldier[2]

After arriving at the cave, Surik entered and was ordered to lie down and surrender by one of the four soldiers, consisting of Murtog, a male soldier, and two female soldiers. She had T3 turn on his headlight to full power, blinding the four soldiers who were wearing night goggles. They opened fire on Surik, forcing her to evade; Surik jumped and used her lightsaber to stab and kill a nearby male soldier. She then used the Force to hurl a female soldier into the far wall, killing her on impact. The other two soldiers ripped the goggles from their heads and opened fire on Surik. While the other male soldier was distracted, T3 used his flamethrower to set him ablaze. His shrieks distracted the surviving female soldier long enough for Surik to charge and use her lightsaber to cleave through the soldier's armor and body.[2]


"You're a Jedi. What he said was true. He saw you. He knew."
"What are you talking about?"
"You're here because of Revan. You're here to rescue him."
"I'm impressed you figured it out so quickly."
"I didn't figure it out. Revan told me."
―Scourge and Meetra Surik[2]

After the skirmish Lord Scourge, who had witnessed the whole battle, realized that Surik had come to rescue Revan and revealed to her that the Jedi had been taken captive. Following a brief conversation, Scourge agreed to take Surik to Revan and to help rescue him. The Sith Lord also told her of the Sith Emperor and of the ritual the Emperor performed to gain immortality, and of how the Emperor planned to start another war with the Galactic Republic. Scourge agreed to provide proof of his claims when Surik indicated she needed more to go on that just his word.[2]

Later, Scourge ambushed Sechel in his secret apartment. The Sith Lord then took the files that proved that Nyriss and the other Dark Councilors were conspiring against the Emperor and killed Sechel. Scourge returned to the cave, giving the files to Surik and allowing her three hours to look them over. T3 cracked the encryption and verified the data in half the time. Surik then agreed to accept the Sith's help.[2]

Meanwhile, Scourge secretly enlisted the Emperor's help in rescuing Revan by giving him the files about the conspiracy being carried out by the Dark Council. After being verified, the Emperor purged the Dark Council at the same time Scourge and Surik rescued Revan. After rescuing Revan, Scourge revealed his reason for helping and talked the Jedi into attempting to assassinate the Emperor.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Operation supernova first appeared in Drew Karpyshyn's novel The Old Republic: Revan,[2] which was released on November 15, 2011.[3] The article does not reflect how Murtog or the unidentified male soldier died, since the novel does not specify which one Surik used Shiak on, nor which one was set on fire by T3-M4.[2]


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