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Ophuchi or Ophichi was the name of a planet in the Ophuchi system, the homeworld of Mace Windy, a Jedi-Bendu in the Journal of the Whills, Part I. It was also the destination of the anonymous princess, niece of its ruler, after her rescue from the Imperial capital of Alderaan.[1]

The Chrome Companies were based on Ophuchi, and could be relied upon to help restore Leia to her throne on Aquilae.[1]

Han Solo believed if he and his friends hid out on Ophichi or the Southern systems, Captain Oxus would have a hard time tracking them down.

Mars Guo was from Ophuchi.[2]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

  • Ophuchi is derived from the real world constellation of Ophiuchus.
  • In the first story treatment, Star Wars was set in our galaxy in the 33rd century, a time and place eliminated in later versions.[1]
  • Ophuchi appears in the Journal of the Whills, Part I, the first story treatment and the rough draft. In later drafts, it is replaced by Aquilae (rough draft) (partially, as it is only mentioned as an allied system), Townowi (first draft), Ogana Major (second draft), Organa Major (story synopsis and third draft), and Alderaan by the fourth draft.[1]
  • In the revised rough draft of Episode I, Ophuchi is mentioned as the homeworld of Mars Guo. This was replaced by Phu, which was created by shaving off a few letters.[2]
  • The ending of The Star Wars 8 teases that the events of the story will be continued in Saga of the Ophuchi.[3]

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