Opo Chano was a Duros droid repairman and parts salesman on Telos IV Citadel Station during the time of the Dark Wars. He owed a gambling debt to the Exchange that he was unable to pay off, leading him into trouble.

Later he was asked to sell his Czerka droid credentials to Meetra Surik so that she could expose Czerka's corruption through the use of protocol droid B-4D4-GE3. He refused because of the risk of jeopardizing his contract with Czerka and because he needed the credits for his debt to the Exchange. If he could not pay the loan back, the Exchange would kill him. Surik paid his loan, and Opo Chano was grateful, promising to repay her. Surik got the credentials, for which Opo graciously gave.

Behind the scenesEdit

If the player sides with Jana Lorso rather than Chodo Habat on Telos IV, then Luxa will have Surik collect the owed credits from Opo Chano. Surik can either kill him, or cover his escape from the Station to Nar Shaddaa and can be found in one of the flophouses there.

If Surik is using B-4D4, he can persuade Opo Chano to give him 25 credits involving being blackmailed by a droid.

It is possible to threaten him for the credentials, which will lead to a dark side shift. It is also possible to kill him after threatening him.


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