Orbalisk armor was a suit comprised of orbalisks, near-invincible parasites native to Dxun, that had a very hard shell, and were able to deflect even lightsabers. The parasitic creatures clung to the body using their thousands of tiny teeth, and fed off the dark side of the Force in the person.

The only people known to use orbalisk armor were Darth Bane and Freedon Nadd. Some of the orbalisks in Bane's armor were killed in a duel with five Jedi, and it was his own Force lightning that dealt the blow, after it was redirected on him by a dying Jedi master. Bane survived due to the healing techniques of Caleb, who had struck a deal with Bane's apprentice Darth Zannah.


The orbalisks living on Darth Bane granted him amazing healing properties and gave the host greatly enhanced strength and agility, but it also prevented him from using one of the most important skills as a Sith—stealth. The orbalisks were so noticeable that Bane had to rely on his apprentice, Darth Zannah to get supplies, information, and carry out other tasks that required stealth.

Bane could use the orbalisks' ability to pump adrenaline into his system, and create a consistent cycle of power, making his hold on the dark side even stronger. If the host continued this constant cycle of gathering the Force and releasing it into their orbalisks, the orbalisks would often erupt into a fit of rage, destroying anything or anyone in their mindless onslaught. It was believed that if the host could master the orbalisks, they would be able to constantly draw power from them, and become an unstoppable force. In battle, if one of the orbalisks were to be killed, they would inject chemicals into the host, killing them in a matter of days by breaking them down on a subatomic level. However, despite this threat, orbalisks could handle the concentrated strength of eight force pikes set to maximum, and cause little damage to the host.

Bane was also forced to create a special helmet and mask that he wore while he slept, in order to prevent the orbalisks from eventually growing over his eyes, nose, and mouth and smothering him.



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