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"Well, the bounty hunter we ran into on Ord Mantell changed my mind."
―Han Solo[16]

Ord Mantell was a planet of the galaxy's Mid Rim that served as the capital of the Bright Jewel system. It was the homeworld of the Mantellian Savrip species. Ord Mantell was colonized around 12,000 BBY by Corellian settlers during the expansion of the Galactic Republic, where it became an Ordnance/Regional Depot outpost. In the waning days of the Republic, Ord Mantell City housed a base of operations for the Black Sun crime syndicate. It later came under control of the Galactic Empire and became home to an Imperial deepdock.


Ord Mantell City

Ord Mantell was the terrestrial capital planet of the Bright Jewel system[3] at grid square L-7 on the Standard Galactic Grid,[5] and was the second planet to orbit the blue star Bright Jewel. Orbited by at least fifteen moons,[3] including the moon of Quantxi,[4] Ord Mantell was 14,050 kilometers in diameter and served as the sector capital for the Mid Rim's Bright Jewel sector, which in turn was the capital for the Bright Jewel Oversector.[3] In close proximity to the gas giant Wynkahthu,[17] Ord Mantell was situated in the northern New Territories portion of the Mid Rim, lying on a cross-section between the Bright Jewel, Qiilura and Dohu sectors along the Celanon Spur,[3] Burke's Trailing[6] and Entralla hyperspace routes.[3] The Burke's Trailing hyperspace route connected the planet to the moon of Jedha in the nearby Terrabe sector.[6]

A planet of temperate climate, Ord Mantell maintained a breathable Type I and standard gravity atmosphere, and presented a pinkish hue when viewed from space as a result of its thick clouds, which littered its skies. On the surface, every landmass on Ord Mantell was dotted with mountain chains, but its population of four billion lived on its arid equatorial continents amid the foothills of its mountains and plains. Ord Mantell was home to many different species, with no single one representing more than five percent of the planet's population.[3]


Colonization of Ord Mantell[]

Around 12,000 BBY, the planet Ord Mantell was colonized by settlers from the Core World planet Corellia during the middle era of the Galactic Republic's expansion, in which it became one of many Ordnance/Regional Depot outposts. At the time, Ord Mantell was isolated in what was known as the Wild Space of the northern quadrant, and was only accessible through an intricate network of frontier hyperspace routes. As the Republic expanded its territory, Ord Mantell lost strategic significance, but the presence of a fully equipped military shipyard and drydocks encouraged a thriving civilian cargo trade.[3]

After 3700 BBY, Ord Mantell became notable as a trading post for spacers who ventured west off the Hydian Way super-hyperroute. The planet also became a port for less salubrious visitors, such as smugglers, tax-evaders and Black marketeers. Together with support from the independent spirit of Corellians, criminal groups sowed the seeds of a lawless world that lingered on in the planet's culture.[3]

Sometime before the outbreak of the Clone Wars between the Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, the Republic attempted to create several other trade hubs across the galaxy, in hopes of rivaling Ord Mantell's success as a trading port. However, the Republic was unable to create a world that could compete with its successes, even with Ord Mantell serving as a criminal shadowport.[3]

Clone Wars[]

"Lead your fleet to Ord Mantell. Your allies—Black Sun—have a stronghold there."
Mother Talzin, to Maul[14]

The Shadow Collective and Confederacy of Independent Systems battled on Ord Mantell.

By the time of the Clone Wars, Ord Mantell became home to a large base for the Black Sun crime syndicate. Nevertheless, in the years following the Battle of Geonosis, Ord Mantell was most important as one of the planets that both the Grand Army of the Republic and the Galactic Republic Navy used as a storage facility, barracks and fleet support base. Additionally, Ord Mantell served as the headquarters for the Republic's 8th Sector Army.[3]

In the waning days of the Republic,[18] a battle was fought on the planet between the Shadow Collective, of which the Black Sun was a member, and the Confederacy of Independent Systems.[14] The assault was launched by the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Sidious,[3] Count Dooku, and General Grievous as part of their campaign against the Shadow Collective.[14]

Imperial Era[]

During the early days of the Galactic Empire, the rogue Clone Force 99 undertook a mission from the informant Cid on Ord Mantell to rescue Muchi at the ruins of Old Ord Mantell City, who was being held captive by Zygerrian slavers operating there at that time.[11]

In the reign of the Empire, the Bright Jewel sector became the capital of the Bright Jewel Oversector, which also housed the Yavin system located in the Gordian Reach. Following the destruction of the first Death Star at Yavin, the Empire began to tighten its grip on the sector,[3] eventually coming to establish a deepdock,[15] but Ord Mantell still managed to maintain its neutrality during the Galactic Civil War.[3] The Devaronian pirate Melos was hunted down by three bounty hunters—Viktor Hel, Koshka Frost, and "Doctor" Krandak—on Ord Mantell.[19]

While the Empire feared that the planet would become a possible haven for Rebel Alliance sympathizers, it preferred to blackmail the planet's ruling government and keep an eye on the world by staging fleet maneuvers in the nearby area, rather than pursuing a total subjugation of the planet. However, the inhabitants began to see more and more Imperial stormtroopers appear around the planet's cities as the Empire gradually built up its ground forces.[3] Amid the civil war, prior to the Battle of Hoth, Rebel Alliance member and former smuggler Han Solo had a run-in[16] with bounty hunter Skorr[20] on Ord Mantell's surface.[18]



After its colonization, Ord Mantell became the homeworld of a variety of different species—commonly referred to as Mantellians—and no particular species on Ord Mantell represented more than five percent of its total population.[3] The planet was also home to the Mantellian Savrip, a species whose appearance was used for a holographic piece in the game of dejarik. It was also inhabited by Bith,[9] Falleen, and humans.[10]


Ord Mantell was ruled by a planetary government of which was led by several governors. The planet's governors and representatives were no strangers to Ord Mantell's illicit activities that happened frequently across the planet, and were known to accept bribes or turn a blind eye to them. The Mantellian courts also respected the rights of bounty hunters, viewing them as a free-market approach to law enforcement on the planet.[3]


As a result of the planet's lawlessness, Ord Mantell helped in the rise of a thriving gambling and entertainment industry. Along the Worlport continent's southern coast, a series of cities provided the necessary services for gambling and other games. The cities were modern and billions of tourists who traveled from the Core could expect to find any luxury they were accustomed to in their home region. Of the planet's casinos, the most popular was Lady Fate Casino, however, more professional gamblers were found in the side streets and alley casinos such as the Chance Cube, Throw Me a Bone, or the Lucky Detooa's in the city of Savroia. Several of the casinos had the highest payouts along the Celanon Spur.[3]


Ord Mantell's surface was home to several cities, such as the capital city of Worlport,[3] Ord Mantell City,[14] Freelonn, and Savroia, all of which were known for their fringe activities. The planet's open markets sold nearly everything and nothing was ever truly illegal on Ord Mantell. Its coastal cities, including Worlport, were constantly inviting and seducing to spend their credits in the casinos at the gambling tables.[3]

The planet's outskirts were much less developed and glamorous, littered with outstretched junkyards, mountains and mines. Further along the continental shores were small fishing communities, which preferred to not be bothered by outlanders.[3]



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