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Ord Sedra was originally an Ordnance/Regional Depot located in the Clacis sector of the Outer Rim Territories.


Ord Vaug was colonized by the Galactic Republic as an Ordnance/Regional Depot sometime before the Pius Dea Era.[3]

It was an Imperial Remnant planet liberated from the Yuuzhan Vong by the combined efforts of Kyle Katarn, Jan Ors, and Imperial Remnant troops under Lieutenant Pallin.[2] After the end of the Yuuzhan Vong War, Katarn returned to the world, finding clues that led him to believe the Sith survived in the Cloak of the Sith.[5]

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The planet's name was derived from the real world planetoid Sedna, which was discovered in November 2003, just a few months before the writer of Equals and Opposites was offered the job.[6]



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