"Order Thirty-Seven has begun. Please report to your stations. Repeat: Order Thirty-Seven has begun."
―Voice over speakers at Imperial garrison on Bellassa[src]

Order 37 was one of a series of contingency orders that the clone troopers of the Grand Army of the Republic learned when they were being trained on Kamino. It dealt with using a large amount of civilian hostages to force the capture of an individual. It involved suppressing local civilian populations, including mass civilian arrests and civic lockdowns, and then issuing an ultimatum: if the local populace does not turn over said individual, all the arrestees will be executed. Though it was rare troops ever had to use this order as it was a last resort to capture the wanted individual(s)

A follow-up file for Order 37 was entitled: Scenarios for Body Disposal Post Order Thirty-Seven.

Source:  The Last of the Jedi: The Desperate MissionAttribution:  Jude Watson

Scenarios for Body Disposal Post Order Thirty-Seven:

It is imperative that bodies not be released to family members. . . All HoloNet communication must be shut down that morning and comm silence maintained for the next month so COMPNOR can control information outflow. . . . No accounts to be disseminated as they can prove detrimental to Imperial control of surrounding systems. . . . Proof of body disposal documented for Inquisitor Malorum to pass to LDV. . . .

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"All Bellassans must return to their homes. No Bellassans will be allowed to leave the planet. Ussa is in lockdown. Outlanders may approach the checkpoint."
―An Imperial officer[src]

Order 37 was executed on Bellassa one year after the Declaration of a New Order,[1] and later on Rosha.[2]

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