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"All Bellassans must return to their homes. No Bellassans will be allowed to leave the planet. Ussa is in lockdown. Outlanders may approach the checkpoint."
―An Imperial officer[src]

Order 37 was executed on Bellassa one year after the Declaration of a New Order.

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"They can do whatever they like. Surely you know that by now. They are perfectly capable of executing every prisoner. Including you. They know they need to strike fear into the hearts of every person in Ussa. They want to destroy you, and they want to destroy the spirit of the citizens. Giving yourself up won't save them. I saw a file in the garrison. It dealt with... how to hide a great number of deaths. Dispose of bodies."
Obi-Wan Kenobi, to Ferus Olin[src]

The execution of Order 37 on the planet Bellassa included mass arrests of the civilian populace, including the use of shock batons to strike down any people protesting arrest (or simply being in the way). Arrestees were gathered in mobile repulsorlift holding pens. The spaceport was locked down for Bellassans, but offworlders were allowed to exit. The Imperial ultimatum was then given: the city of Ussa had twenty-four hours to turn Ferus Olin over to Imperial authorities or the arrested civilians would be executed. Obi-Wan Kenobi suspected that the Empire would not honor the ultimatum and execute the civilians even if Ferus Olin was turned in, and then would carry out the scenarios for body disposal and communications suppression.

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