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This article is about Order of the Sacred Circle. You may be looking for Order of the Canted Circle.
"As you may know, the sacred circle is a religious order on our home planet, Monastery, we worship the eternal, ever-renewing circle of life."
―Domina Tagge[src]

The Order of the Sacred Circle was a religion that dominated the planet Monastery. The Order's name originated from the rings of debris circling the planet. The rings represented the eternal and ever-renewing cycle of life. The Order was ruled by a High Priestess and the main governing body was the Circle of Elders. Most of the time, the Order tried to remain neutral. During the Separatist Crisis, Monastery opened up to refugees, provided that they converted to the Order upon their arrival.

During the Galactic Civil War, they stayed neutral due to their belief in the circle of life and that a war would break the circle and cause doom to the galaxy. Darth Vader was dispatched by the Galactic Empire to convince the Order to side with the Emperor. Eventually, the leader of the Order, Domina Tagge, was convinced to side with the Empire. Sister Domina had already planned to side with Vader to force him into dueling Luke Skywalker. The Order suffered much from the Imperial presence on their home planet. When Domina stepped down as High Priestess of the Order, the Circle of Elders agreed to ally themselves with the Rebel Alliance.



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