Ordith Huarr was a Lorrdian male and lifetime citizen of Lorrd.


Throughout his niche in the Galactic Republic and Imperial eras, he was a shuttle pilot. The rise of the Rebel Alliance did, however, catch his attention and he spent the height of the Galactic Civil War as a Y-wing pilot, scoring half a kill in his career. He turned to the quiet career of a flight instructor before returning home to Lorrd, where he presumably met his wife.

When the Yuuzhan Vong knocked on the galaxy's doorstep, he was drawn into service piloting refugee transports. The Yuuzhan Vong War disheartened him as his refugees were forced from planet to planet, like many others at the time. After the invasion he and his wife set up a quiet rural property on the educational planet. Life was relatively fine—until his wife passed away in 38 ABY. Poor Ordith would also have a Sith interfere in his last years.

In 40 ABY, at eighty-one standard years, Ordith was the first of a dramatic rise in Jedi-related events throughout Lorrd. Nelani Dinn, the young Jedi assigned to Lorrd, was summoned to Lorrd City Spaceport. Huarr's old Y-wing, full of ordnance and on a slant, had its weaponry pointed at a set of student barracks, proton torpedoes armed. Dinn intervened, opening negotiations, until one of her companions, Jacen Solo, knocked over the Y-wing and sent its ammo skidding across the spaceport. Huarr supposedly stood helpless as Lorrd Security Force officers ran in.

As Dinn confronted Solo, Ben Skywalker, Solo's apprentice, realized something was wrong. With a mighty scream, he ordered the officers back. As the officers retreated, Huarr and what was left of his ship exploded. Thanks to Skywalker, Huarr only killed himself.

Prior to his death, Huarr cited seeing his wife as a Force ghost—thus why he requested the Jedi. In disturbingly similar circumstances to Matric Klauskin's insanity, a number of Force-ghost sightings would cause similar individual situations throughout Lorrd City.



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