Ord Radama

An Ordnance/Regional Depot, abbreviated Ord, was a planet which served as a military outpost during the height of the Galactic Republic. These depots were set up as the Core Worlds began to colonize rimward worlds from around 13,000 BBY.[1] During the Pius Dea Era, the Ordnance/Regional Depot worlds served as a network of forward military and scout bases for Republic Navy units and Cathedral ships led by missionaries expanding into the Frontier. These worlds were used to deploy Pius Dea forces during Contispex's anti-alien crusades.[2]

Over a period of a few thousand years, the abbreviation stuck, and many planets from that era were commonly described with their "Ord" title. Many of the planets settled as military bases were designed to protect colonists, specifically Human colonists, who settled into the depths of space. It was often done out of a reaction of speciesism to protect Humans from indigenous aliens.

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