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Ordnance and Supply, also known as OaS, was a part of the command of the Alliance to Restore the Republic and was headed by the Chief of Ordnance and Supply. Ordnance and Supply was charged with securing equipment, weapons, and foodstuffs for the Alliance Forces. Individual Sector Commands were expected to procure their own food and small arms to supply their local forces, leaving Ordnance and Supply free to concentrate their efforts on attaining hard to obtain items necessary for the war effort, such as starfighters, starships, and high-grade fuel, to keep the Alliance Fleet and Alliance Special Forces supplied.[1]

Ordnance and Supply worked in concert with Support Services to transport the materials throughout the galaxy; Ordnance and Supply had no direct transport capabilities, and relied on the Support Services fleet. Ordnance and Supply worked closely with their civilian counterpart, the Ministry of Supply, in the Alliance Civil Government.[1]

Part of Ordnance and Supply's remit was to engage in weapons and vehicle research and development, attempting to upgrade and update the Alliance's weapons and equipment.[1]

A warning issued by Ordnance and Supply Command shortly after the Battle of Brigia about a shortage of astromech droids led to a search operation and the recovery of the BFF-1 bulk freighter Ars Opus which was carrying R2-series astromech droids for the Galactic Empire.[3]

During the Galactic Civil War, the Supreme Commander of Ordnance and Supply was Ral'Rai Muvunc.[2]



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