"They don't call me Lucky for nothing, you know."
―"Lucky" Ordomire[src]

Ordomire, nicknamed "Lucky" Ordomire for his uncanny ability to avoid the consequences of running a criminal business, was a talented counterfeiter that operated on the outskirts of Lumchugger's Hub on the planet Bescane. He was highly paranoid and was very selective about who he trusted. In order to contact him, a message was delivered to him through the delivery service of BanthaQuik!

Biography[edit | edit source]

During Operation Death-Hunter, Ordomire's warehouse was infiltrated by Rebel SpecOps agents who needed his help to create counterfeit salvager permits in order to fool the Imperial Trade and Commerce Authority. The fake permits would allow the team to travel to the Wastes and investigate a secret Imperial project. Ordomire was peeved that they did not follow the appropriate channels to contact him, and he initially refused to help them. However, one of their number, Lady Amber Comark offered to give him the Comark Brooch as payment. Ordomire agreed and created the false permits. Unfortunately for the Rebels, Ordomire's luck then ran out. Imperial stormtroopers, lead by a Death-Hunter Cyborg forced their way into Ordomire's warehouse and opened fire, killing many of Ordomire's employees. Ordomire, believing the Rebels to have betrayed him, snatched the permits away from his customers and fled the scene. However, the Rebels were able to ward off the Imperial force and located the counterfeiter, huddled up under a speeder bike that had been destroyed by the Imperial attack. Ordomire agreed to return the permits if they would help him escape. The Rebels agreed and Ordomire returned the permits after they helped him.

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

Ordomire was a large man who enjoyed food. This was communicated in the way that he wanted potential customers to contact him, by attaching a message to a delivered meal from BanthaQuik! Besides this vice, Ordomire was a careful Human being, employing Rodian bodyguards to protect him and being incredibly cautious about who he trusted. One person who had gained his trust was the swoop gang leader Cooper Dray. He was known to squeal like a Gamorrean when frightened.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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