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"The ore-dukes' domains are often in the heart of the harshest of environments. They bring the rarest minerals to the spires, where they are exported."
―Trios explains the ore-dukes' role[src]

The ore-dukes, also known as ore-barons,[2] were a group of nobility on the Mid Rim mining planet Shu-Torun. Their domains, called baronries,[2] often lay in some of the most dangerous areas of the planet's volcanic landscape, and from there would mine rare minerals to be brought to a number of spires on the planet for export.


When the Galactic Empire began demanding tithes of them, the dukes became displeased, which turned the King of Shu-Torun against the Empire. When the Sith Lord Darth Vader visited Shu-Torun as a representative of the Empire, the king arranged for a ball to be held at the royal palace with the dukes in attendance. Courtly events such as the ball helped the dukes feel more involved and kept them from rebelling. One duke in attendance was Rubix, who kept demanding that Vader dance with his daughter, Bixene, until the Sith used the Force to whirl him around in the air and drop him to the floor. During Vader's ball, the Sith was attacked by agents working for the king, scaring away the guests, but failing to kill him. Assassin droids working for Vader then killed the king, who was replaced by his daughter Trios. Before leaving Shu-Torun, Vader informed the new queen that if the ore-dukes rebelled, the Empire would support her in putting down their insurrections.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The title of ore-duke was first used in the comic book Darth Vader Annual 1, which was written by Kieron Gillen and illustrated by Leinil Francis Yu for publication in 2015.


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