The Orfites were sapients indigenous to Kidron. Due to Kidron's thin atmosphere, they had four large lungs in their cavernous chests. Orfites had broad noses with large nostrils and frilled olfactory lobes. Their skin had an orange cast, with fine red hair covering their scalps and trailing down their backs. Little dimorphism existed between the sexes, though females tended to have thick eyebrows. As their home world of Kidron had low gravity, most Orfites who ventured away from it required the assistance of a power harness for normal movement and comfort.

Orfite society revolved around the sense of smell, their most powerfully-developed sense. They produced strong pheromones, and used them to distinguish among one another in the same way Humans distinguished faces. Orfites had a primitive society centered around a tribal gathering called a Sahh. Each Sahh had control over a vast tract of the Kidron jungle. They traded with off-worlders, and a small colony of refugees, through barter in native Kril meat.

The Orfa Olfactory Corporation was started through a co-op between several Sahhs—collectively referred to as the Council of Gordek—and off-world investors. It produced a scent mask apparatus, which consisted of a breath mask connected via small tube to a belt unit. The unit held a half-liter of water and was designed to accept small tablets, that it used to form the mask's inhalant. Though Scent Masks were designed to create complex pheromone entertainments for Orfites, many intoxicant tablets have been produced that had made them popular across the Elrood sector.

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Orfites with Orfite scent masks

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