"Why can't the Wookiees celebrate Life Day without orga-root?"
"It's their special food, Threepio!"
―C-3PO and Han Solo[src]

Orga plants in the lower dpeths of Kashyyyk

The Orga was a plant native to Kashyyyk. Its root was used for ceremonial purposes. The Wookiees believed that the plants were sentient and had their own language. The plants would react violently to anyone who sought to harm them, and had a variety of natural weapons to assist them in this. Their vines were edged like saw teeth, their petals were long and strong like tentacles, and their seed pods were filled with a corrosive acid and could be flung with great accuracy. They voluntarily gave their old roots to Wookiees for their Life Day celebration. Wookiees believed that eating the Orga root helped them make a spiritual passage to the Tree of Life.



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