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The Organa's Ceremonial Necklace was a royal property of the House of Organa. That chalcedony necklace was crafted in the time of the Old Republic, and it survived the destruction of Alderaan during the Galactic Civil War. It was notably worn by its last known owner, Princess Leia Organa, during the award ceremony in honor of the Heroes of Yavin.


The Organa's Ceremonial Necklace was made of fourteen square pieces with a carved "valley" in the middle.[1] It was sculpted in chalcedony[3] and had been polished so as to reflect the light. When worn, it rested at the top of the collar bone, between the throat and the cleavage. The necklace also came with a matching cuff style bracelet with a sculpted design in the center to wear on the right wrist.[1]


Na'al award

Leia Organa wearing the Ceremonial Necklace and its matching bracelet

The necklace was crafted for a woman of the House of Organa, the historic royal house of the planet Alderaan, dozens of generations before the Galactic Civil War,[2] when most of the known galaxy was still under the guidance of the Old Republic.[4] Its primary material, chalcedony, had been associated with the Organas since as early as the Great Galactic War, when Duke Charle Remmot Organa held the title of "heir to the chalcedony star."[5]

It was among the few Alderaanian regalia that survived the destruction of the planet by the Galactic Empire in 0 BBY,[2] along with the Crown Jewels of Alderaan.[6] That same year, it was worn by Princess Leia Organa, the last surviving member of her family, during the Royal Award Ceremony honoring the Heroes of Yavin.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Ceremonial Necklace first appeared in the 1977 movie Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, in which it was worn by actress Carrie Fisher during the closing scene of the film. That piece of jewelry was designed by Björn Weckström, one of the most famous jewelry designers in Finland.[7] Originally, Star Wars creator George Lucas had requested an original piece of jewelry from Weckström. However, due to time constraints, Lucas had to resort to buying a ready piece of jewelry from the designer's catalogue.[8]

The necklace, the real name of which was "Planetary Valleys" (or "Planetaariset Laaksot" in Finnish) was produced by Lapponia Jewelry from 1969 until 1981.[9] To date, Lapponia Jewelry still has similar necklaces in its catalogue, under the names of "Planetoid Valleys"[10] and "Galactic Peaks."[11] Stephen J. Sansweet, former head of Fan Relations at Lucasfilm Ltd., owns a "Planetary Valleys" necklace among his collection of Star Wars memorabilia stored at Rancho Obi-Wan.[12]

While the real-life prop was made of sterling silver with matte finish,[9] the in-universe necklace was referred to as "chalcedony waves" on page 219 of the Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope novel.[3]



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