"As you are about to see, the organic decimator will make a great weapon for a droid army to use against clones."
―Wat Tambor, to Anakin Skywalker[src]

The organic decimator was a droid created by Skakoan scientists for the Separatist Alliance towards the end of the Clone Wars. It used energy tentacles to search for and destroy organic matter. The droid had a small, circular frame, and a single red photoreceptor.


"The energy tentacles seek out organic matter. When one of them finds its target, the rest zero in and all organic traces are vaporized."
―Wat Tambor[src]
Decimator using lasers

The organic decimator cutting through a door.

The organic decimator made use of three noteworthy pieces of equipment. The first was the widely-used repulsorlifts. The droid had two built into the underside of its spherical frame. The organic decimator also made use of twelve energy tendrils that were pinkish in hue and emitted from six laser-emitters on the top and bottom of the droid. When one tentacle located organic matter, the others closed in and vaporized it. If no organic material was found after fifteen seconds, however, the decimator would automatically switch off. It also had a laser cutter capable of burning through solid metal.[1]


Decimator using it's tech

The organic decimator searching for organic material.

The prototype model was used on a native Poletec male to demonstrate its capabilities to Anakin Skywalker. It was then sent by Wat Tambor to try to kill Skywalker, Clone Captain Rex, and Clone Force 99 during their mission to rescue ARC trooper Echo from Skako Minor. Luckily, after being experimented on by the Techno Union, Echo could gain extensive knowledge of Purkoll through the central computer. So, he located an exhaust vent that he, Skywalker, and the other clones escaped through, just as the decimator was burning a hole through the doors. Before they escaped, Wrecker placed several thermal detonators in the room which destroyed the decimator and Tambor's machines.[1]


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