The Cularin system's criminal organization, called simply the Organization by those within it, was put together by Riboga the Hutt when he arrived in the system. Soon, he convinced the Smugglers' Confederation to work for him, and smuggling remained one of the principal concerns of the Organization, as well as gambling, loansharking and, from 78 BBY, slavery. However, local pirates always escaped the control of the Organization.[1]

In 53 BBY, Riboga lost control of the Organization in a sabacc game with his majordomo, a strange alien named Nirama. Riboga had been under the impression that the criminal enterprises within the Cularin system had become unprofitable—an impression devised by Nirama—so he took the loss well, and the Organization passed into Nirama's hands without violence.[1]

Markus and friends

Several members of Nirama's Organization conversing with their leader

One of the first things that Nirama changed was to abolish the slave trade. This move was not universally approved of, as slavery had been quite lucrative.[1] In 31 BBY, a conspiracy calling themselves the Cell came together with the intent of deposing of Nirama and reinstating the slave trade.[2] With the help of a group of spies, Nirama was able to root out the Cell before they could cause too much damage.[3][4]

The Organization's primary center of operation was a base built on the largest asteroid within the Cularin system asteroid belt. Several other asteroids in the belt also held bases used by the Organization.[1]




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