The Orgons were intelligent plants, and the native sapient species of Gorsh.

Biology and appearanceEdit


Orgon in their forest habitat

Their vital organs were housed in a hard shell usually a half meter in diameter. Around the shell were six to eight tentacles, which were used for locomotion as well as the absorption of nutrients. The latter was done through the use of powerful poisons and strong adhesives to trap prey within the tentacle. Once their prey was captured, they would begin secreting powerful acids and slowly digest their food. They lacked eyes, but had the ability to sense light around them. The Orgons often laid clusters of red goo on berries and other plants. These clusters ruptured upon contact, causing irritation to Human skin.

This sentient race of mobile plants was often sought after by the Genetech Laboratories, who wished to study them and use them for their commercial value. However, the company had failed in procuring a usable specimen.

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