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"A Jedi Knight is a weapon, just like a lightsaber. One hopes it's never needed, but it's always at the ready just in case."
―Orgus Din[9]

Orgus Din, also known as the "Plain Jedi" among his fellow Jedi, was a male Human Jedi Master from the planet Rishi who served the Jedi Order during the Great Galactic War with the reconstituted Sith Empire. A famous war hero to the Republic, Din spent more time serving alongside the soldiers of the Republic Military than any other Jedi as he fought against the Sith offensive in the Minos Cluster during much of the twenty-eight–year war. Din and his good friend Lieutenant Harron Tavus of the Republic Special Forces Division became known as the "Heroes of Karideph" after turning back the Imperial invaders on the planet of Karideph, and the Jedi Master trained several Padawans to Knighthood throughout the conflict.

Returning to the capital of Coruscant in 3653 BBY, Din and Tavus fought in the Sacking of Coruscant when the Empire attacked the planet, and the Jedi became the personal enemy of the Sith Lord Darth Angral during the battle. However, Din's apprentice Bengel Morr was lost in the fall of the Jedi Temple, and after the Treaty of Coruscant officially ended the war Din joined the rest of the Order in migrating to their recently rediscovered homeworld of Tython. Appointed to the High Council, Din helped guide the Order through the next decade as they rebuilt their ranks, and took on his first Padawan since Morr when he witnessed a young student defeat a Dark Jedi who had been leading the native Flesh Raiders in an attack against the Order.


Great Galactic War[]


Din and Tavus during the Sacking of Coruscant.

A Force-sensitive Human male who was born on the planet Rishi,[1] Orgus Din was trained as a Jedi by the Jedi Order, and he had achieved the rank of Jedi Master by the later years of the Great Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the resurgent Sith Empire.[4] By the year 3653 BBY, Din had trained many Padawans to the rank of Jedi Knight, including a Human named Fortris Gall,[7] and he had taken on another apprentice in the Nautolan Bengel Morr.[8] During the last months of the war, Din was stationed in the Minos Cluster of the Outer Rim, where he fought alongside the Republic Military and the Republic Special Forces Division against the Sith offensive in the star cluster. During the fighting, he became good friends with Sergeant Harron Tavus from the Special Forces unit Havoc Squad.[4]

In 3653 BBY, the Sith Empire approached the Republic with a surprising peace offer, and delegations from both sides held a peace conference on the Core World of Alderaan. As a gesture of goodwill, the Empire halted its offensive in the Minos Cluster, and Din and Tavus were recalled to the Republic capital of Coruscant to give a report before the Galactic Senate. Speaking with Supreme Chancellor Berooken, the two confirmed the news from the Minos Cluster, and they were departing the Senate Building when Tavus heard explosions. Outside, they discovered that a Sith armada under the command of Darth Angral was attacking the capital, and the pair immediately rushed to Coruscant's defense as a Sith battlecruiser landed in the Senate Plaza.[4]

Angral himself emerged from the cruiser to lead the assault on the Senate Building, and Din engaged the Sith Lord in a duel after stopping him from killing a Republic soldier. As Tavus rallied the military nearby to drive back Angral's soldiers, the Jedi Master began to fight the Sith, but Angral quickly disarmed him by slamming into the Jedi with his shoulder. Before Angral could kill his downed opponent, however, a damaged Sith cruiser crashed into a nearby building and blew the Sith Lord off of his feet. Tavus, who had just noticed that the Jedi Temple was under attack, called out for the Jedi Master, and Din escaped from Angral by leaping across a collapsing bridge.[4] Angral and Din's duel would spark a rivalry between the two that would span a decade and involve both men's apprentices.[3]

Din and Tavus were too late, however, when they reached the Temple—explosives planted deep within the structure were detonating and causing the grand edifice to collapse in on itself. Din's apprentice Morr[8] had been present in the Temple during the attack, and a despondent Din believed his student to be among the dead.[7]

Din was later sent by Grand Master Zym to deal with the trouble his former Padawan, Fortris Gall, had caused on Balmorra. En-route, he encountered and rescued Satele Shan from Mandalorian mercenaries. After being briefed on the situation by her, he decided to inform Zym. He finally met his Padawan, Fortris, and decided to take over the evacuation of the planet. Soon, after hearing the death of Grand Master Zym, Din tracked Braden, the bounty hunter responsible on Nar Shaddaa. After a brief but intense duel, Din was holding his lightsaber at Braden's neck demanding info. Braden promised to hand over the info, as soon as they reached Dantooine.[7]

Braden later escaped from Master Din's custody. After failing to recapture Braden, Din returned to the Republic base, where the Major in charge had finally agreed to pull out. He then met with Satele, Tavus and Gall. The three of them had recently put an end to the real culprit behind the treaty's disruption, but didn't give Din a full report on the matter.[10]

Cold War[]

Battle of the Forge

Orgus Din at the mercy of his former Padawan, Bengel Morr.

A New Apprentice[]

During the Cold War, Din became a member of the Jedi High Council and began his teachings on Tython. When Flesh Raiders began invading the temple, Orgus Din led many Jedi to defend the area, and drive them out. When a young Jedi Padawan, who would become the Hero of Tython, defeated Callef who was responsible for leading the Flesh Raiders towards the temple, Orgus discovered that he wasn't a Jedi, but in fact a Dark Jedi. He believed that the Dark Jedi didn't do this alone, and so decided to send the Padawan to continue the search and find out who was really responsible while he returned to the temple to speak with the Council members; the young Padawan indeed discovered that the culprit was a more expert Dark Jedi, Bengel Morr, a former apprentice of Orgus Din, that was defeated. For the young student's merits Din took the Padawan as his own and directed on many missions, up to the defeat of Bengel Morr. His Padawan was elevated to the rank of Jedi Knight following this on Din's recommendation.

Hunting the Republic superweapons[]

With his now former apprentice, Din headed for Coruscant where he directed his former pupil on many missions, including saving Coruscant from the Sith Lord Tarnis and his Planet Prison superweapon.

He later went on a mission to Alderaan to find the Death Mark laser. When his former Padawan caught up with him, Din decided to track his old enemy and father of Tarnis, Darth Angral. However, knowing that the Knight would possibly want to accompany him and wanting only to risk himself, Din stated that he would instead be pursuing Lord Nefarid, one of Angral's apprentices that had taken control of the laser superweapon. Leaving his former apprentice to deal with the weapon, Din got underway with his secret mission. He later admitted he had deceived the Knight about his true objective, recognizing the danger in facing off with Angral and that someone else should know what Din was up to in case he failed.

Orgus captured

Master Din defeated by longtime rival, Darth Angral.

In the meantime, however, Darth Angral created a more powerful superweapon, the Desolator, to achieve revenge and destroy Tython; in hopes of stopping him, Din let the Force guide him to Angral's vessel at the edge of the Alderaan system and infiltrated it, but was defeated by Angral. The Sith Lord was disappointed that Din didn't bring his former pupil. The Jedi Master urged Angral to do the right thing and surrender. Angral scoffed at the thought and killed Din, leaving his body floating in space and broadcast his death over the HoloNet before jumping to hyperspace. A Republic cruiser recovered his remains.[3]


"Tell me, Jedi. Are you afraid to die?"
"There is no death. There is only the Force."
―Darth Angral and Orgus Din[3]

Din managed to leave a gift for his allies and friends before he died; he placed a tracking beacon on Angral's ship, meaning the Republic could now track the Sith anywhere he went, the instant he dropped out of hyperspace. Doctor Nasan Godera mused that it was Din in the end who had the last laugh.

Despite his death, Din decided not to become one with the Force immediately, and would return periodically as a Force ghost. After his former pupil, now known as the Hero of Tython, managed to defeat Angral, Din made contact with the Knight and urged his former pupil to head to Tatooine to rescue Jedi Jomar Chul, who had part of the information needed to infiltrate the Emperor's Fortress. The Hero's path then led to Balmorra to acquire an alien cloaking device used by the fortress. Afterwards, Tol Braga informed the Hero that his Padawan and former Dark Councilor, Sajar, had dropped out of contact. Din appeared before his former student once again, urging the Hero to go and save Sajar.

When Braga's strike team departed for Dromund Kaas in hopes of capturing the Emperor and bringing him back to Tython so he could be redeemed, they underestimated the Emperor's power and thus, succumbed to his influence, drowned in the dark side. As the Hero spent months training as a Sith, Din was able to break the Emperor's control over his former apprentice. He told the Knight to find "a dark ally" which would ultimately facilitate the alliance with Lord Scourge.

At a later stage of the Galactic War, Din's spirit made contact with the Hero when they were on Rishi, giving directions to Din's former house in Raider's Cove. Manifesting before his former Padawan once more, he noted how long the Hero had fought the war against the Sith Empire and worried that his pupil may be loosing perspective on what it meant to be a Jedi. He requested the Hero to distract themself from the war to help the people of Rishi by curing Tanamen Fever, repairing monsoon baffles and clearing up wreckage leftover from gang wars. The Hero completed these tasks before returning to Din's house. Din confessed that he lied about his intentions, revealing that the Hero's memories of their time under the Emperor's control were buried deep after the young Jedi's redemption. He offered to bring those memories back to allow the light side of the Force to heal the Hero. After he had done so, Din told his former apprentice that this would be the last time they would ever speak, but assured the Hero that they would always have his guidance and companionship in the dark days to come.

Personality and traits[]

Orgus Ghost

Orgus Din as a Force ghost.

"If that thing eats us... you're fired."
―Orgus Din jokes with his former Padawan before facing a giant killik.[11]

Din had a shaved head that he, when he advanced in age, grew out into a short grey haircut. He had fair skin and brown eyes and was known to wear simple clothes, even as a young boy. His fellow Jedi gave him the nickname "the Plain Jedi" based on this plain presentation, along with a preference to avoid convoluted discussions and take direct action.[9]

Din was known as being very firm in his beliefs but among the wisest members of the Jedi Council. He cared about others and would blame himself for his mistakes, such as the fall of Bengel Morr and why he chose not to take on a Padawan for so many years following. But despite this, he was one for dry humor and would often have a sly one-liner at the ready in case he needed it, especially when talking with his former Padawan and final apprentice, the Hero of Tython.

Orgus was a warrior by nature; a man of action, he would find it grating how the Jedi Council would talk for hours on end when the solution to certain issues were right in front of them. Despite this, he did not wish to disrespect the other masters and would never flat out call them out. He was also concerned when he saw Jedi form attachments but was often the first to forgive those that did.

Powers and abilities[]

Din was one of the most battle-hardened and experienced Jedi Masters of the Order.[9] In addition to being a skilled lightsaber combatant, he was strong in the Force and remarkably adept in the use of telekinetic applications; he once collapsed a portion of a large cave with a gesture on Tython to restrict the movements of Flesh Raiders.[5] His understanding of the Force had reached to a degree that he was also able to emerge as a Force ghost after his physical death and still being extremely strong in the light; he helped the Hero of Tython break free from the telepathic control of the mighty Sith Emperor.[9]

Behind the scenes[]

Orgus Din first appeared in the webcomic The Old Republic, Threat of Peace Act 1: Treaty of Coruscant, a prelude to the massively multiplayer role-playing game released by BioWare and LucasArts on December 20, 2011. The comic was initially only released online through Star Wars: The Old Republic official website, but was later released by Dark Horse as traditional comic book issues. In the comics, Din was drawn by Alex Sanchez, but as the appearances of many game characters had not been finalized at the time of the comic's release, Din was drawn lacking hair.

Din appeared as a major character in the storyline of the Jedi Knight class in The Old Republic, taking the role of the player's master and appearing throughout the Prologue, Act I, and Act II of the storyline. He is voiced by Robert Pine.


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