Orin Nyell was a male crime lord, smuggler and racketeer. Some time prior to 32 BBY, Nyell came into conflict with a Fluggrian crime boss named Borzu Nale. Nyell was smuggling water to the desert planet of Sernpidal; its source was Ploo IV, the homeworld of Nale, and he saw Nyell's operation as a detriment to his profits. Nyell contacted a Glymphid bounty hunter, Aldar Beedo, to assassinate Nale. Beedo, whose species openly despised Fluggrians, was only too happy to murder Nale, and soon carried out the contract. During his time on Sernpidal, he became acquainted with Rango Tel, a native, and hired him for odd jobs.

Not long after, Nale's son, Kam, began to search for his father's killer. After discovering that Beedo was the man he sought, and that the Glymphid was a podracer, Kam entered into the podracing circuit, hoping to kill Beedo during the Boonta Eve Classic. Nyell learned of Kam's search, and feared that the younger Nale may take over his father's criminal empire and recreate the problems of his past. When his old acquaintance, Rango Tel, contacted him seeking to become a bounty hunter, Nyell sent him after Kam, hoping to eliminate the threat once and for all. Though Tel discovered that Kam actually had no interest in becoming a criminal nor any hatred toward Nyell, he persisted with his contract. He cornered Kam in an alleyway, but the Fluggrian was too fast and Tel's shoddy armor too weak—Kam shot Tel with his blaster pistol, killing him.

Spurred on by the attempt on his life, Kam returned to his homeworld and took up his father's profession, the exact outcome Nyell had hoped to prevent.


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