Orinackra was an infamous prison planet located within the Wild Space of the galaxy. Crix Madine, an Imperial general who had attempted to defect to the Rebel Alliance after the Evacuation of Yavin, was kept there during the Dark Trooper crisis for leaking valuable information to the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Kyle Katarn daringly rescued him.

Orinackra was a barren wasteland with its most distinct features being the large valleys made of stone. This feature made it a perfect planet for prisoners since the valleys were large mazes with many dead ends. Though not as famous, Orinackra was an easy comparison to more famous prisons such as Kessel and Oovo IV.

Behind the scenesEdit

Mission to Orinackra

An unfinished screenshot of the Orinackra level featuring an area that was ultimately cut.

Orinackra first appeared in the video game Star Wars: Dark Forces. An entire level of the game was dedicated to the locale, although players only briefly moved about the planet's surface, as the majority of the level took place inside an Imperial detention facility.



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