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"Commander, They've destroyed the Orion."
―Rebel officer to Commander Jun Sato[src]

The Orion was a Braha'tok-class gunship that was in service of the Massassi Group, a Rebel cell led by General Jan Dodonna. In 2 BBY, it travelled to Atollon with a portion of the cell to meet with Phoenix Cell, which had a base on the planet, to launch an attack on Lothals TIE Defender factories. But as they were preparing to launch the assault, Grand Admiral Thrawn ambushed the two cells and as they attempted to break the blockade, the Orion was destroyed.


The Orion was a Braha'tok-class gunship[2] that was 90 meters in length and could have a crew of 75 personnel. The gunship had a complement of 8 turbolaser cannons and 8 concussion missile launchers.[1] The Orion was built with a silver plated hull to deflect solar radiation and had its command bridge at the bow and its class 1 hyperdrive at the rear of the ship.[3]


Zero Hour thumb

The Orion and two other Braha'tok-class gunships during the battle of Atollon

The Orion became a part of the Massassi Group, a rebel cell in the Alliance to Restore the Republic led by General Jan Dodonna. Following the formation of the Alliance, the Orion, two other Braha'tok-class gunships and a portion of Dodonna's fleet went to Atollon where the Phoenix Cell was based. The combined fleet was preparing for an attack on Lothal's TIE Defender factories but were discovered by Grand Admiral Thrawn, whose forces blockaded the planet. Commander Jun Sato led the attacks on the blockade from his flagship, the Phoenix Nest, as an attempt to break it. However the attacks were ultimately worthless costing the rebels too many starfighters and starships.[2]

With his tactic becoming too costly, Sato ordered the fleet to charge the blockade. The Orion and many other ships advanced on the blockade only for one of the Imperial-class Star Destroyers to destroy a Nebulon-B frigate. TIE fighters then flew on an attack vector to the Orion and dealt two crippling blows to the gunship's underbelly on the attack run. The Orion continued moving forward but the damage caused it's bow to explode, beheading the starship. Sato witnessed the Orion's demise from his ship and a reported to him over the comm that it had been destroyed.[2]

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The Orion first appeared in the Star Wars Rebels Season Three finale Zero Hour.[2]



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