"Like so many children, I'd play Star Wars as a child. My friends and I would pretend that we were piloting spaceships and using the Force to overcome overwhelming obstacles and take part in epic battles. That little boy would never have dreamed he'd be actually find himself on set aboard a spaceship and fully immersed in the visuals and drama of Star Wars. It's a dream that I think many people have had and I feel so fortunate to have been cast in this film."
―Orion Lee[src]

Orion Lee is a Hong Kong born, Australian actor[1] who portrays Suday Bascus (credited as "Canady's First Order Monitor") in the 2017 film Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi. He is best known for playing the co-lead in the 2019 drama film First Cow,[2] Jin Weiun in the British drama series Informer,[3] Ambassador Zhang in the drama series Tyrant[4] and Brian Zhao in the medical drama Critical.[5]


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