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"You'll need these, and you'll need this, and, uh, you probably need a crate of these. You know, you'll definitely need some of this. And this, uh... I don't even know what this one does. You know what this does?"
―Orka, to Kazuda Xiono and Flix[src]

Orka was a male Chadra-Fan who ran the Office of Acquisitions on the Colossus with his partner Flix. Of the pair, it was Orka who took care of negotiations.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Orka and his partner Flix ran the Office of Acquisitions, a starship parts shop on the Colossus platform. Of the pair, it was Orka who took care of negotiations.[3] They had a DUM-series pit droid named G-LN who assisted them.[2]

Enter Kaz[edit | edit source]

Orka and Flix

During the New Republic era, Orka and Flix were visited by the "mechanic" and undercover Resistance spy Kazuda Xiono, who had unwittingly entered into a race with Ace Squadron pilot Torra Doza. Orka and Flix did not take Xiono seriously until Xiono's fellow mechanic Neeku Vozo produced Xiono's acquisitions order. Since Xiono lacked the funds to pay for the starship parts, Orka agreed to give Xiono second-hand parts in return for a gorg for lunch. Xiono managed to obtain the gorg but found Orka and Flix eating. Still honoring their agreement, they gave Xiono three boxes of spareparts that they did not need.[2]

Kaz's second visit[edit | edit source]

Orka and Flix were later present at their shop when Xiono visited to purchase a CX-19 compressor. The two giggled with Orka asking if Kaz had brought credits this time. While Kaz was purchasing the compressor, the two took an interest in Kaz's lucky trophy but the youth refused to part with his prize, which he had won during a space race. Orka responded that Xiono could live comfortably for a few months if he sold his trophy. Xiono reiterated his refusal to sell his trophy.[4]

Shortly later, another of Jarek Yeager's employees Tam Ryvora entered the store and chastised Xiono for running behind schedule. Later that day, the Colossus was raided by the Quarren pirate Kragan Gorr's Warbird gang during a Triple dark storm.[4]

The tri-tracker chipper[edit | edit source]

While Team Fireball were working on upgrading the Colossus' anti-air defense system, Xiono and BB-8 visited the Office of Acquisitions seeking a CoMar Tri-Tracker chip. Orka claimed that his store had five of those chips, six hyperdrive cores, and a crate of kyber crystals. Flix however pointed out that Orka was joking. Orka laughed and quipped that they barely had five credits for lunch. After Flix directed Xiono to the scavengers, Orka was pessimistic about the youth's chances of success. Xiono managed to obtain a tri-tracker chip from the undercover pirate Synara San. Later, Kragan's Warbirds raided the Colossus as second time.[5]

The attempted heist[edit | edit source]

Later, Orka and Flix were manning the counter when they were robbed by the Snivvian criminal Narb, who forced them at gunpoint to hand over several crates. Orka and Flix complied. As Narb backed out of the shop, Orka activated a trapdoor while Flix retrieved the crates. When Narb's brother Nod came into the shop look for Narb, he fell for the same trap.[6]

Unwanted treasure[edit | edit source]

Orka and Flix later obtained a treasure chest from the salvager and undercover pirate Synara San. The two returned to their shop where Orka opened the chest only to discover that it was full of thermal detonators. Orka accidentally triggered the detonator's countdown mechanism. Fortunately, the detonators did not explode. After disposing of the detonators in the sea, Orka and Flix bought a new one from Synara San.[7]

Drinks at Aunt Z[edit | edit source]

Later, Flix and Orka went for drinks at Aunt Z's Tavern, bring their pit droid G-LN. Sensing that G-LN was down, Orka tried to cheer him up by serving him blurrgfire. However, this cause G-LN to go on a rampage through the Tavern, annoying two service droids including Glitch and the Klatooinian merchant Bolza Grool. These droids and Grool roughed up G-LN. Flix and Orka soon found G-LN on the floor and decided that the blurrgfire did not agree with their droid. Unperturbed, Orka called for a refill.[8]

Hype Fazon's droid[edit | edit source]

Ace leader Hype Fazon later brought his astromech droid R4-G77, telling Orka and Flix that he thought that the droid had a bad motivator. Orka led a reluctant R4-G77 behind the counter to have a look. However, R4 refused to be worked on and fought back with a spark projector, throwing the shop into disarray. Orka managed to subdue R4. Flix remarked that it was not so bad and Orka expressed agreement before slumping to the floor.[9]

The phase connector theft[edit | edit source]

In return for supplying Team Fireball with spareparts for the Fireball, Orka and Flix managed to hire Kaz and BB-8 to look after their shop for a day while they visited Flix's mother. While the two were on holiday, the shop was visited by Teroj Kee, an alien First Order agent who wanted to obtain their phase connector. Following a struggle with BB-8, Teroj stole the phase connector. However, Kaz managed to prevent him from escaping offworld by downing his ship with the help of Bitey.[10]

When Orka and Flix returned, they expressed shock at the messy state of their shop. Kaz related to them Teroj's attempted heist of the phase connector. Orka praised Kaz for preventing Teroj from escaping offworld with the technology and explained that Teroj was an enemy of him and Flix, who had been trying to hurt their business for years. While Orka and Flix were grateful to Kaz for stopping Teroj, they still insisted that he clean up the mess.[10]

First Order occupation[edit | edit source]

As the First Order occupation grew more repressive, Orka and Flix came up with a plan to escape the Colossus by smuggling themselves in a crate with their pet Gorg Bitey and and G-LN to Flix's mother on Talivar. They encountered Kaz and CB-23, who were on a mission to free Yeager and liberate the Colossus. Orka and Flix were skeptical that Kaz's plan would succeed. However, they were proven wrong and Kaz's resistance cell not only succeeded in expelling the First Order but taking the Colossus into hyperspace.[11]

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

Orka had brown fur, a gray beard and eyebrows, and black eyes.[2] He had a good sense for business and negotiations.[3] Orka was also known for his sense of humor. He once joked about his business, the Office of Acquisitions, stocking things that they did not have.[5]

Orka regarded Teroj Kee as a "slimy womp rat" who had been trying to steal from their business for years. While he was grateful towards Kaz for stopping Teroj from stealing their phase connector, he still insisted that Kaz clean the mess left by Teroj during his heist.[10]

Orka and Flix were skeptical that Kaz's plan to liberate the Colossus from the First Order would succeed due to the military might of the First Order.[11]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

"Flix and Orka just happened to be on a page together, next to each other on a lineup. When (Dave) Filoni saw them together he was like, 'Those are our acquisitions guys. Don't change anything about it. That's them.'"
Amy Beth Christenson[src]

Orka is a character created and developed for the show Star Wars Resistance. He is voiced by Bobby Moynihan.[12] During the Coffee with Kenobi podcast on September 30, 2019, producers Justin Ridge and Brandon Auman confirmed that Orka was in a romantic relationship with Flix.[13]

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