"Who dares attack my tower?"
"I don't know, sir. The townsfolk, I suppose. You know how they hate you."
"Hate me, eh? Ungrateful wretches! After all I've done for them! I'll have a few of them hanged—see how much they hate me then!"
―Orko and one of his guards[src]

Orko the H'uun, formally known as Orko the Hutt or Orko the Foultrader, was a Hutt crime lord who had a strong rivalry with his daughter Anachro's lover, Gorga the Hutt, Jabba the Hutt's nephew.

Orko was considered a grumpy, selfish, greedy Hutt, who despised the Desilijics and was easy to hate.


Crime lord rivalsEdit

During a dinner with Orko at the palace of the late Jabba the Hutt, Gorga proposed a union of the Desilijic and H'uun families. Orko was horrified when he heard that Anachro and Gorga had fallen in love, and he naturally opposed. However, once Gorga hired the bounty hunter Boba Fett to capture the infamous Bar-Kooda, Orko dropped his complaints. In celebration, the three ate Bar-Kooda's corpse.

Plans of betrayalEdit


Boba Fett confronts Orko.

Orko and Gorga both had plans to get the other out of the way. Orko planned to kill Gorga after the marriage, and with the funds from that, wanted to go into business with his daughter. Gorga, however, hired Orko's disgruntled servant Hirsoot. Hirsoot's first attempt to take Orko's life failed when Orko's hand stick broke the poisoned drink in his hand. The second time, Hisroot attempted to crush Orko with a ceiling light while he was getting a massage. When gun fire to Orko's ship caused everything and everyone to slide around, ironically, the light landed on Hirsoot as Orko tumbled over him in a rage. Orko confronted Gorga—he thought the attack on his ship was Gorga's doing. When Anachro explained that it was not Gorga who had attacked Orko, Orko was sorry, but Boba Fett, knowing Gorga, had a feeling that the feud was far from over.



Orko before his death.

Fett was right, and Gorga soon hired him to assassinate Orko. Meanwhile, Anachro contacted her father about her baby. Orko was not as happy as his daughter had hoped upon hearing the news of his new grandson. Shortly after the transmition, Hirsoot was about to stab Orko when Fett kicked open the door and knocked Hirsoot to the floor. Fett told Orko that he was a dangerous bounty hunter who could be bought off. Orko replied that he would have money in the morning. That would never happen, however, for that night, the mysterious bounty hunter Ry-Kooda and his right hand man, Boz, climbed up to Orko's bed chambers. As Hirsoot placed a poisonous spider in Orko's sandwich, the two attacked. Orko and Hirsoot were chomped up, chewed apart, and torn to pieces by the two fearsome hunters, who devoured parts of the victims themselves.


Orko's death.


Ry-Kooda went after Anachro and Gorga next. Anachro thought that Gorga had killed her father and failed to listen to his warnings about Ry-Kooda. After Ry-Kooda was destroyed by Fett and Anachro was safe from any more harm, Orko's grandchild was finally born.



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