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"Am I deluding myself? If I can't find the answers at the Temple, what makes me think I'll find them out here? What would my master say if she could see me?"
―Orla Jareni[src]

Orla Jareni was an Umbaran female[1] Jedi Knight[2] and Wayseeker during the time of the High Republic, operating independently of the Jedi High Council. As the Padawan of Jedi Master Laret Soveral, Jareni was involved in the Eiram–E'ronoh crisis. Twenty-five years later, she was one of four Jedi aboard the starship Vessel on a trip to the Starlight Beacon, having recently declared her status as a Wayseeker.[1]

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

As an Umbaran, Jareni had stark pale skin and high cheekbones common to her species. Her hair was drawn back into a smooth knot, and was a silver nearly as dark as black.[1]

Jareni, while dedicated to serving the Jedi order as a whole, had private disagreements with the Jedi High Council, specifically regarding their emphasis on training and instruction. Jareni felt that this came at the expense of being open to force inspired instinct. In part, because of these disagreements, she opted to become a Wayseeker, taking on missions of her own rather than from the High Council.[1]

Powers and abilities[edit | edit source]

As a Jedi Knight, Orla Jareni had a strong connection to the Force. Like many other Force-sensitives, with this connection, Jareni was granted many notable abilities. Jareni had demonstrated the ability to sense the energies of the Dark Side of the Force. On the Amaxine station, she felt the cold chills and invasive visions associated with sensing powerful dark energies. Like most Jedi, Jareni could use the Force to jump many meters in to the air with ease.[1]

Jareni was also skilled in the usage of a lightsaber. She fought off two Nihil warriors at once, using the Force to augment her reflexes.[1]

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Jareni wore snowy robes. She wielded a white hinged double-bladed lightsaber.[1] After the events on the Amaxine station, Jareni purchased a ship which she named the Lightseeker.[1]

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